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Be Inspired: ‘ITC opened the door to my future career’

Posted on 11/06/2019 by

ITC graduate Michelle Coutts is about to start a new job at Disney World in Florida.

Welcome to ‘Be Inspired’. Every few months, we will give you a ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse into the journey of an inspirational ITC student and share what it took for them to achieve their goals. Everyone climbs their own Everest, and these students hope to inspire others by sharing the truth of their journey to the summit.

Sometimes, a small step can change your life.

For Michelle Coutts, that small (yet significant) step was choosing to study at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC).

“I didn’t know it when I enrolled, but I had just opened the door into my future career – making it the best decision I ever made,” says Michelle, who recently graduated and secured a job at Disney World in Florida.


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ITC students impress at Go With Tourism Expo

Posted on 04/06/2019 by

Some of the students who volunteered at the Go With Tourism Expo in May.

Several students from the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) volunteered at the Go with Tourism Expo in late May – and they made a fantastic impression on attendees.

The students were assigned various responsibilities, such as assisting with Flight Attending workshops, participating in an Inflight Safety Demo, hosting delegates, and making mocktails.

ITC Tourism Educator, Daniel Maine, says he was proud to work alongside the students at the Expo.


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Meet the ITC graduate working in New York

Posted on 28/05/2019 by

ITC graduate Rachel Beausang is the USA Corporate Sales Account Manager for Norwegian Air.

A qualification from The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) sets you up for an international career.

We have students working in all corners of the globe, including Dubai, Australia, Tahiti, India, and even New York.

Rachel Beausang is the USA Corporate Sales Account Manager for Norwegian Air. She’s had a varied and illustrious career since she graduated from ITC in 2002.

We recently interviewed Rachel about her incredible career. Below, she shares insight into how she got to where she is today, as well as some tips for future and current students.


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Disney Exchange inspires two friends to return to ITC

Posted on 14/05/2019 by

ITC graduates Aunima (left, middle) and Amina (right) recently returned home from 12 months at Disney World and are now studying towards a Level 5 Diploma at ITC.

When good friends Amina Tipuna and Aunima Haque graduated from ITC and travelled to Disney World for work experience, they weren’t sure what to expect.

Now, after spending an incredible 12 months living and working at “the Happiest Place on Earth”, Amina and Aunima have returned to ITC to further their education with a Diploma in Tourism.

They say their time at Disney was so inspiring, it really cemented their passion for the tourism industry.

“I came back from Disney determined to extend my knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and gain a higher qualification,” says Amina.


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Airline, travel and tourism courses for everyone

Posted on 07/05/2019 by

Kickstart your airline, travel and tourism career with a qualification from ITC.

At ITC, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to study. That’s why we offer a range of study options and courses.

We want to make studying airline, travel and tourism accessible to everyone who’s passionate about this exciting industry.


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Five ways ITC brings real-world learning to the classroom

Posted on 30/04/2019 by

Study at ITC and benefit from real-world learning, such as work experience, industry speakers, career expos and more.

At ITC, we believe for students to thrive in the tourism industry, they need to learn from more than just textbooks.

That’s why we pride ourselves on bringing ‘real-world learning’ to the classroom.

“The tourism industry is about people, first and foremost,” says ITC Marketing Manager Mel Jenkins.


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‘Studying at ITC was one of the best decisions I ever made’

Posted on 16/04/2019 by

ITC graduate Eileen enjoys a well-deserved break in beautiful Rarotonga.

In November 2012, Eileen Verona left her home country of the Philippines and travelled to New Zealand to study at ITC.

She says that it was “one of the best decisions” she ever made – and after reading her story, you’ll find it easy to see why.


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Meet the ITC graduate making headlines

Posted on 09/04/2019 by

ITC graduate Leo Seuula recently appeared on Seven Sharp and the New Zealand Herald.

Does the name Leo Seuula ring a bell? Even if his name doesn’t sound familiar, you might recognise his friendly face – because Leo has been making headlines left, right and centre!

The ITC graduate has been featured on Seven Sharp and the New Zealand Herald, described as “the man living the dream helping thrill seekers jump off Auckland’s Sky Tower”.

Leo works for AJ Hackett, helping tourists and adventure seekers walk around (or jump off!) the ring of the Sky Tower – some 192m above street level.

For most people, this would be a terrifying thing to do once – let alone for your day job – but Leo says he’s living his dream.


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Be inspired: ‘ITC made me more understanding and inclusive’

Posted on 26/03/2019 by

Crissy Briggs says studying at ITC made her a more confident, understanding, and inclusive person.

Welcome back to the ITC Blog. We took a break from publishing content last week in the aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attack. Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families, and we stand with the Muslim community of Christchurch and New Zealand during this challenging time.

We feel that, now more than ever, it’s important to share stories of hope, resilience, leadership, and community, so we are proud to publish this week’s blog post about one of our most inspirational students, Crissy Briggs. Below, Crissy shares her story of overcoming adversity to become “the leader she always wanted to be”. We are so proud of Crissy and we hope you enjoy reading about her journey.

Some people see studying as a ‘means to an end’ – something you need to do to get a good job.

But studying gives you so much more than just a qualification. Studying can also help boost your confidence, increase your understanding of the world, and improve your communication skills.

This was certainly the case for Crissy Briggs. Crissy says studying at ITC changed her into “a more open, understanding, and sympathetic person”.


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ITC could be an option for Yr 13 students with back-to-school blues

Posted on 12/03/2019 by

The travel and tourism industry is fun, fast-paced and ideal for energetic people who are passionate about showing off New Zealand to overseas visitors.

Some Year 13 students returning to school for their final year in 2019 may be experiencing ‘back-to-school blues’.

While completing Year 13 is an excellent option for many, some students are tired of high school and ready to embark on their next challenge.


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