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New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4

The New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4 provides students with a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge suited to the airline, tourism and travel industries.

The course differs from our Level 3 qualifications in that it has a strong international focus. Students will learn about key international travel markets and walk away with important geographical knowledge about popular tourist destinations around the world.

Entry requirements
  • Have achieved NCEA level 3 and work experience
  • Be able to demonstrate suitable literacy and numeracy skills
  • Don’t worry if you’ve finished secondary education, having previous work experience will still be a valuable contribution so reach out to our friendly team today to find out more.
Course features
  • The course includes a high level of practical activities, such as roleplays and industry visits, to best prepare you for the workforce. There is also a full programme of field visits and guest speakers.
  • The New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4 also includes practical training in coach & overland tours, online fares & ticketing systems, including AMADEUS, which is used by travel agents & airlines in NZ and around the world.
  • Skills covered in this program include advanced selling skills, financial operations, career development, team work and client relationships – transferable skills that will give you a competitive edge in any industry.
  • Students will also obtain a Cruise Ship Certificate, providing them with up-to-date product knowledge about this sector of the travel business. 
  • Students also have the opportunity to experience the NZ tourism industry ‘first hand’ on a 3 day familiarisation trip.
  • Employment Consultants arrange Work Experience for ITC level 4 students.

Learners are assessed in a range of methods including:

  • Open book written assessments (using a variety of question styles including short answer, multiple-choice, essay and matching)
  • Projects
  • Roleplays
  • Case Study analysis
  • Map work
ITC also operates a three-level approach to assist graduates to gain employment:
  1. All students are enrolled in our online Careers module which covers:
  • How to put together a professional CV
  • How to write an outstanding cover letter
  • Skills for interviews
  1. The ITC team is available to support students in all of these areas and act as a referee if required
  2. ITC has two employment consultants working to make students aware of all of the latest employment opportunities in the Travel & Tourism industries. Then to assist them through the recruitment process.

Note also that ITC graduates are offered LIFETIME assistance from our employment consultants and students are always welcome to ask for assistance even years later! Screen reader support enabled.

  • A computer (desktop or laptop) or tablet with a keyboard Notebook/paper and pens
Payment options
  • ITC offers support for all students regarding assistance with student loans, allowances and fees free applications

Below are our Auckland City & South Auckland dates. 


Qualification Outcomes:
  • ITC Certificate in International Travel & Tourism
  • ITC Career Preparation Certificate
  • New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4
  • ITC Amadeus Reservations Certificate
Course Start Dates:
Auckland City Campus
  • 12 February 2024
  • 27 May 2024
  • 15 July 2024
South Auckland Campus
  • 12 February 2024
  • 27 May 2024
Time to Complete:
  • From 21 weeks
Course Fees:
  • Domestic: $6,510
  • International: $9,570

Note: *Fees FREE up to $12,000*