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ITC launches NEW online certification: Cruise Online

Posted on 15/05/2024 by

Thinking of working in the cruise industry? Read on…

An estimated 200,000 people are employed by the cruise industry around the world – and it’s easy to see why.

These roles can get you out exploring far-flung destinations, meeting new people, and enjoying spectacular views along the way everywhere you go. But whether you’re already studying travel and tourism, or working in an entirely different job, it can be hard to know how to make the leap to the cruise industry – or even if you want to.

Now, ITC can answer both questions with our all-new online certification: Cruise Online. This is one of four new online short courses, alongside Cabin Crew, Ground Crew, and Tour Guiding.


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ITC launches NEW online certification: Ground Crew Online

Posted on 08/05/2024 by

Is Ground Crew for you? Take our new online course to find out!

Getting started in a career, or even changing a career, can be a big step. It means taking a chance on something new and working hard for your goals.

So how can you know if it’s the right step for you?

One way is to take a short online course, which gives you an introduction to the subject and what it might be like to work in that industry. That’s why we’ve created an all-new Ground Crew Online Course, which is designed to give people an insight into working in this part of the travel and aviation industry.


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ITC launches NEW online certification: Cabin Crew Online

Posted on 01/05/2024 by

Ever wonder what it might be like to work in cabin crew? Our new online short course could be the perfect introduction.

Have you ever wanted to test out studying travel and tourism? Wanted to dip your toes in before enrolling for a full qualification, or trying to get a job in the industry?

Our brand new online certification course could be perfect for you!


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Did you know that ITC is more than just a tourism and airline tertiary provider?

Posted on 18/10/2023 by

ITC is more than just an in-person travel and tourism tertiary education provider.

The International Travel College of New Zealand has been providing training courses for the airline, airport, travel and tourism industries since 1996.

We have firmly cemented ourselves as a trusted leading supplier of these tertiary qualifications, and our wide network of industry contacts is a testament to our work in this space.

However, did you know that ITC is also so much more than that? Our in-person tertiary campuses are just part of what we do. We also operate Study From Home and Study From Work, two very different learning options.


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From Study From Home to Weta Workshop to AJ Hackett: Meet the graduate making waves!

Posted on 06/09/2023 by

Annie Shields is a Study From Home graduate working for Weta Workshop and AJ Hackett.

ITC and Study From Home are special education providers for many reasons. One of those reasons is because we care about our students so much that we stay in touch long after they graduate. We love hearing how their careers are going, and we’re always on hand to help them with their job hunts thanks to our Employment Consultants.

Sometimes, we hear from graduates who blow us away with their success. One such graduate is Annie Shields. Annie is working two part-time jobs right now, one for Weta Workshop as a tour guide, and one for AJ Hackett at the Bridge Bungy.

Of course, we had to get in touch and learn more about her amazing journey so far.


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Meet the super-mum who earned her qualification with kids at home and a full-time job!

Posted on 30/08/2023 by

Super-mum Hitty studied from home to earn her qualification from ITC.

At Study From Home and ITC, we often meet incredible, hard-working people. Recent graduate Hitty Sarpal is a great example.

Hitty chose Study From Home for the flexibility, as not only did she have young kids at home, she also worked a full-time job! Her hard work and dedication is proof that with motivation and will-power, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

We asked Hitty a few questions about her studies, how she managed it all, and what she wants to do next.


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Meet Kahurangi Bray: The ITC student working at one of New Zealand’s best (and most important) attractions

Posted on 15/12/2021 by

Kahurangi Bray has started working at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds as she finishes her studies with ITC.

Kahurangi Bray has been studying level 4 with ITC, but this summer, she had the opportunity to work at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

She hadn’t quite finished her level 4 studies, so she took ITC’s flexible study option and has moved to our online platform, Study From Home, to allow her to finish the course.

This meant that she got to kick off her career in tourism and travel as soon as the opportunity arose, while also completing her qualifications. Everyone at ITC is incredibly proud of Kahu, and excited to see her take this first step.

So of course, we got in touch for an interview! (more…)

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ITC staff have more than 187 years of experience between them – what it means for students

Posted on 29/09/2021 by

Our wonderful ITC and Study From Home team.

At ITC, we’re big believers in lived experience.

That’s why our tutors are just great tutors – they’re experts in travel and tourism. They have worked in the industry, travelled plenty, and know exactly what it takes to not just get into travel jobs, but to thrive in them as well.

Together, they have had more than 187 years of experience, and every one of them adds something special for our students.

187 years of experience brings ITC students more than just quality education. It brings a memorable experience for everyone they interact with, support, real life stories, and expertise. The team at ITC and Study From Home ‘go the extra mile’ every day regardless of lockdowns. This is why so many students continue their studies and recommend a friend.

Recently, we asked each staff member to share what it is they do to go the extra mile for our students, especially in regards to recent lockdowns. Here’s what they each had to say! (more…)

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How ITC’s flexibility makes tertiary study possible, no matter what life throws at you

Posted on 03/03/2021 by

ITC offers flexible study options, so you can earn your qualifications no matter what life throws at you.

Continuing with your studies after high school is a wonderful way to earn an education at a higher level, and to gain knowledge and skills specialised for your future dream career.

Unfortunately, not all universities and colleges make that as straight-forward as it could be. Many demand in-person attendance from Monday to Friday, with few options for flexibility, even if you desperately need it.

ITC understands that for some, tertiary study isn’t as simple as just showing up to class every day. We know that life can throw things at you that make a ‘normal’ study schedule practically impossible, no matter how badly you want to earn your qualifications. (more…)

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Education through hardship: How one student completed her qualifications against the odds

Posted on 02/03/2021 by

Despite major challenges, graduate Jessica Collingwood completed her qualifications with ITC and Study From Home.

We often catch up with past students and graduates. We love hearing about how they’re going in the industry, and seeing their updates as they move into dream jobs meeting people, travelling, and learning.

But not all stories are about study then work. 

Recently, we spoke to recent student Jessica Collingwood, and learned about how our famed flexible learning options weren’t just convenient, but made it possible for Jessica to graduate. (more…)

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