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ITC launches NEW online certification: Cabin Crew Online

Posted on 01/05/2024 by

Ever wonder what it might be like to work in cabin crew? Our new online short course could be the perfect introduction.

Have you ever wanted to test out studying travel and tourism? Wanted to dip your toes in before enrolling for a full qualification, or trying to get a job in the industry?

Our brand new online certification course could be perfect for you!


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Head to an ITC Free Event these school holidays and make plans for next year!

Posted on 23/08/2023 by

Attend a FREE event these school holidays to learn about international exchange programs and aviation careers available with ITC.

Not sure what your plans are for next year? Want to work in a career that could help you meet amazing people, work in amazing places, or even travel the world?

The International Travel College of New Zealand could be a great fit for you and your future – and we’re about to host Free Events this school holidays to help you decide.

Our exciting Free Events invite you (and any friends or family you’d like to bring along) to visit an ITC campus and see what it’s like to be an ITC student.

With two different themes and two campuses to choose from, you won’t want to miss these events.  Better yet, they are absolutely FREE!


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Apply now for your chance to win an ITC Scholarship!

Posted on 17/07/2023 by

Apply for an ITC Scholarship

ITC and Study From Home have just opened up applications for some amazing scholarship opportunities!

As the New Zealand tourism industry has got back into the swing of things, businesses are seeking new and qualified staff such as graduates from ITC and Study From Home.

“New Zealand continues to be one of the world’s top tourism destinations, and with the borders open, international visitors are returning. We need to support our sector to rebuild a more resilient future that leaves people, communities and the environment better off than before,” Peeni Henare said.

We are doing our bit to support our industry, ITC is helping people with a passion for joining the Travel & Tourism industry gain first-class skills and knowledge. We want to help even more by giving away multiple scholarships for full-time students, which are worth up to $5,600 per student. Not only that, it’s also on top of the Fees Free program, so you could have the first part of your study covered by Fees Free, and the second part partially paid for by a scholarship!


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Meet the graduate who landed the career of her dreams and loves her job every day

Posted on 06/06/2023 by

Graduate Lillie dreamed of being a flight attendant – and is now flying high in her dream job!

Many ITC and Study From Home students begin study with us with the goal of working as a flight attendant.

Botany graduate Lillie Robinson is a great example. She began studying with us with flight attending in mind, and while her tutors ensured she knew about the many other great options in the industry, they also supported her in her work to become a flight attendant.

Today, we’re excited to see Lillie succeed, as she graduated from ITC and went on to land a flight attending role with Qantas – and is now loving her job!

Read on to learn more about Lillie’s time with us and her new dream job.


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Meet Menghour Pen: One of our successful candidates from the Air New Zealand open day!

Posted on 12/04/2023 by

Menghour was hired by Air New Zealand after our Open Day late last year.

Late last year, ITC hosted an Air New Zealand open day on campus. This event was a fantastic opportunity where the Air New Zealand team gave a presentation to students and graduates, and did live interviews on the spot for candidates.

Following these interviews was a multi-step process, involving reference checks, swim tests, and training.

And now, we’re excited to see the first ITC graduate from that day, Menghour Pen, has finished his training and is becoming a flight attendant with Air New Zealand! However, there’s much more to Menghour’s story than just making it through the selection process.


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ITC hosts an Air New Zealand open day

Posted on 13/12/2022 by

Our Air New Zealand Open Day was a huge success.

On Thursday last week, ITC hosted an Air New Zealand open day to connect our national carrier with our current students and graduates.

We wanted to create an opportunity for our students and graduates to learn about the flight attending roles currently available at Air New Zealand, and enjoy the chance to speak to recruiters from the company.

As expected, the day was a huge hit!


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Air New Zealand snapping up ITC graduates

Posted on 12/10/2022 by

Ruby Cowie is one of several ITC graduates that Air New Zealand has hired recently.

As the New Zealand travel and tourism industry gears up for a very busy summer season ahead, we’re seeing our ITC graduates get snapped up by employers practically as they walk out the door from their graduation ceremony. Many before they graduate.

One of those employers is Air New Zealand, which is quickly hiring and training staff across their operations all over the country. We are fortunate to be recognised as a preferred provider for many airlines and tourism organisations. Our highly skilled graduates are sought after by the industry.

For us, these job offers are hugely exciting, as many of our graduates begin studying with us with the goal of working for this renowned and award-winning airline. To see students land their dream jobs immediately is everything we could hope for as an education provider.

One of these graduates is Ruby Cowie, a Study From Home graduate who has been dreaming of working with Air New Zealand since she was 10 years old. We reached out to Ruby to have a quick chat about the application process and her advice for other students.


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Airport open day proves how important it is to study travel and tourism

Posted on 31/08/2022 by

Auckland Airport recently held a recruitment fair, where there were more than 3,000 jobs up for grabs.

In late July, Auckland Airport opened its doors in a massive recruitment fair. There were over 3,000 jobs up for grabs, and more than 4,000 people attended the event.

This recruitment fair was at just at the right time, only a day before the border finally officially opened fully once again. Much like the rest of the tourism and travel companies around New Zealand, Auckland Airport was looking to bring on new staff to get ready for the rush of tourists expected this summer.

Here’s a little more about the recruitment day, and why it means it’s such a good time to study travel and tourism!


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Check in for a high-flying career in aviation

Posted on 02/06/2021 by

Considering a career in aviation? Here’s your chance to get started!

With the travel and tourism industries looking up, we’re seeing increased demand from the industry for employees in the aviation sector – which is why we’re launching a 20-week aviation course.

The New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Aviation Level 3 will be held at our Botany Campus, starting July 12.

Here’s why you should sign up! (more…)

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A Kiwi pilot during Covid-19: A Journey from Take-off to Stand Down

Posted on 11/05/2021 by

One anonymous pilot shares their story of what life has been like since the outbreak of covid-19.

At ITC, we pride ourselves on our industry contacts. It’s one of the many reasons why ITC and Study From Home graduates are so well regarded amongst the New Zealand travel, tourism, and aviation sectors.

We keep in regular contact with these industry professionals, and we were recently fortunate to hear from a Kiwi pilot working for one of the major airlines. While we cannot reveal their name or their company, we can share their story about exactly what it was like for an accomplished pilot as New Zealand went into lockdown and travel ground to a halt.

From disregarding the virus as media hype, to facing reality, finding low-skilled work, and positivity through it all, this is an incredible story of Kiwi resilience and an industry that’s once again on the rise. (more…)

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