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ITC in High Schools – Nationwide

At the International Travel College it’s our vision to inspire students all over New Zealand to pursue a career in airline, travel or tourism. One of the ways we realise this vision is through providing quality education, short courses, and tourism resources to secondary schools throughout the country.

Our short courses are delivered nationwide and are an opportunity for students to gain credits towards NCEA levels 2 and 3. They also give students a taste of the tourism industry through site visits, guest speakers, and participating in exciting activities.  We offer a selection of these short course online for students who cannot attend the location options.

We also provide schools with Gateway workbooks and other teacher resources, both paper-based and online.

We continue to help meet the individual needs of schools, so please don’t hesitate to contact our Tourism Education Team for more information.


Scroll down for more information about Gateway, resources or outlines & dates for destinations around New Zealand.



Short Courses

We have a number of level 2 and 3 Short Course options which cover different elements of Travel, Tourism and Aviation.  The skills and knowledge our Short Course students learn are very transferable and relate to communications, customer service and cultural awareness.  Select a destination below for more information.

Please note if you would like a course offered outside of these areas or specifically at your school please email


Online Short Courses

We are excited to announce the following short courses available online!  You can study at your own pace and even at home or in a classroom setting.  Below are the course options available:




Gateway Workbooks

We have TWO Gateway workbook options designed to support and influence the student’s experience while on a Gateway work placement.  Suitable for any year 12 or 13 student.  The content of these Workbooks is generic so useful for any workplace.

Gateway Workbook one offers 9 level 3 credits and Gateway Workbook two offers 11 level 3 credits to all students completing a Gateway placement.  All work books contain generic units which apply to any role in any industry.  You can purchase these Workbook units separately and there is no minimum order needed.

For a sample or more information email



Generic Online Units

We have FOUR unit options designed for year 12 & 13 students looking for additional NCEA level 3 credits.  These units are diverse and can be used for all areas of school life – sports teams, school leaders, groups, clubs or students on work placements.  The answers to these assessments can be based on everyday situations such as home, school, work or sports team. 

  • Communication Events Unit 11097 – 3 Credits – $60+gst
    Communicating has never been so easy when you understand the individual components and importance of communicating effectively.  This unit will not only discuss the delivery of a message but how vital it is to respond correctly.
  • Communications Unit 9694 – 5 Credits – $100+gst
    It is important to understand the cycle of communication and the barriers that exist when speaking to others.  In a professional or personal circumstance it is the responsibility for both the person speaking and the person receiving the message.  By knowing these skills this will make you a better communicator in the workplace and in your own personal life.
  • Teams & Team Leadership Unit 27563 – 4 Credits – $80+gst
    To be successful sometimes we require help and support from others.  Being a part of a team and running a team efficiently will not only make you successful in business or in your personal life but will also help you work efficiently and increase overall performance in your personal life or in work.
  • Marketing Unit 2925 – 8 Credits – $160+gst
    Explore the competitive market and research companies to find out how they become an expert in their product or service.  This unit will give you the skills to research organisations that compete with one another and find out more about what makes them better than the others in their line of work.  Get creative and come up with exciting new ways for these companies to market their business.

The units would be emailed to you in a Word format so that your students can complete the work easily and without needing to print anything.  We have previously used these Units in our Gateway Workbooks but they have been re-developed for the current learning climate. 

For a sample or more information email


Tourism Class Resources

The tourism resources ITC offers high schools, named ‘I study’, are relevant for tourism classes or independent student learning nationwide. These units would suit a whole host of students including those currently not studying tourism. The online resources enable self-directed learning with often minimal support from a teacher required. There are two resource options:

DOL i-Study Resources

i-Study Resources

For more information or to receive a sample, list of teaching resources and costs please email


Other Services We Offer…

There are a number of additional services our schools team offers to help provide the best opportunities for your students:


For more information email