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When you visit ITC, you’ll notice something special about us. Here you’ll not only find a comfortable learning environment, but something more.
You’ll find a spirit of warmth and friendliness, a positive attitude that is shared by everyone and a sense of achievement and professionalism between staff and students.

We have designed this page as a resource for our future students, current students, their whanau and friends as a tool & support about why our College is the right choice.

Why tourism?


We have a dedicated web page that gives you the latest news in our industry. There is already labour and skill shortages in the tourism industry and this will only amplify when our borders open.  Tourism is a people-focused industry.  Our visitors want an authentic, memorable experience, and quality staff can make all the difference.

Yes we did see job losses due to Covid, however many of these roles have been reinstated and many just waiting to be snapped up with people ready and able to deliver a world-class visitor experience. 

This is why education is so important at this point when our boarders are opening to the world.  Tourism education is the key tool ensuring this happens when New Zealand opens up to the rest of the world and when tourism is again the number one export earner for New Zealand.

Our most popular qualification means that students graduate in 41 weeks.

Imagine the need for staff in this time. If we don’t act now and get more educated ready for our tourism workforce our tourism workforce will only increase.  Students enrolling on this course now will graduate in December.  The demand for qualified passionate staff right now has demand exceeding supply.  By December the demand for our graduates will be unprecedented, ensuring those and future graduates will able to pick and choose their entry level role!

 What about gaining employment after graduation?

We are already in a position where we have more job roles than graduates.  This means our current graduating students are spoilt for choice.  We are having amazing job outcomes of our students ever week that goes by. 


Don’t take our word for it.  Visit the success stories of those students who have shared their inspiring journey This is important to share with our current and future students. We always enjoy seeing our ITC graduates coming in to visit our current students to share their story and tips for those hoping to enter into a similar career.

We have a dedicated jobs site for our ITC students and graduates to apply for part time and full time roles via our Employment Consultants.  Visit this site to see what is actually coming in right now!

We are the only institute in our industry providing our students with the transition from studying to working in the industry.  We pride ourselves as being the only Tourism College who employ our own employment consultants to help support our students into part time work whilst studying and full time work when they have graduated.  This happens in their very first weeks with us on campus. We established our Employment Consultants role to ensure that our students not only walk away with quality education but a job as well. To learn about these incredible consultants click the following link:

ITC in partnership with tourism employers

ITC works closely with employers from the airline, aviation, travel and tourism industries. We meet with our Industry Advisory Board 3-4 times a year to ensure our courses are well-aligned with industry requirements.

We work very hard on our relationships with the our industry partners.  We are in regular communication with regards work experience and employment requirements.  When we are designing our courses, industry feedback is a key component and an example of this is through our industry Advisory Board who are there to constantly guide and support us to ensure we deliver what they need from their current and future workforce.

Our industry connections ensure that ITC graduates have the most up-to-date range of practical skills, knowledge, and technical abilities needed for their new career.


“ITC graduates are head and shoulders above the rest!” say our industry employers – and they should know! Our graduates are highly sought after by employers looking for work-ready staff who have realistic expectations, enthusiasm and the motivation to succeed.

ITC also holds regular Industry Expos for current students. Employers are invited on-campus to speak to the students and give them an insight to possible career paths. These events are an excellent networking opportunity for our students and often lead to work experience placements. We provide work experience in all sectors of tourism including hotels, adventure tourism, tour operators, travel wholesale, attractions and many many more.  This gives our students further insight into working in the industry and often leads to students gaining employment from this experience.  In fact many of our partners see this as their key recruitment tool.  Read more here:

Why ITC?

At ITC, we’ll make sure you are ready to take your place in the tourism industry; confident, professionally trained and fully prepared.  As multiple winners of the New Zealand Tourism Award, including the prestigious Distinction Award, ITC truly is a leader in its field. 

ITC is registered and accredited with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) as a Category 2 provider, the International Air Transport Association (IATA/UFTAA), Amadeus and Ready To Check In. All ITC courses are approved for student loans and allowances with the Ministry of Education and recognised and approved for student visas with the New Zealand Immigration Service.


The ITC tutorial team are hand-picked for their extensive travel industry experience within New Zealand and overseas. They bring a real depth of skill and expertise to the classroom and their strong industry knowledge makes them an invaluable resource for students.

ITC has campuses in central Auckland,  Botany Town Centre (South Auckland)Whangarei, and also offers students the option to Study From Home from anywhere in New Zealand.

Our strong focus on quality and practical training really does work! It ensures that ITC continues to be the first choice for people seeking a new career within an airline, at an airport, or in a travel and tourism role.

There are countless reasons why ITC is a wonderful college, and different benefits will appeal to different people.

Here are just some of the most common reasons why students enrol:

How can you support our learners as their whanau?

We do all we can to support our learners even before they start their learning adventure.  You can help your support this experience so they get the very best learning opportunity.  Here are a few useful tips:

Need more information?

Our friendly team are available to answer any further questions you may have.  Please email us directly  Alternatively you can call us toll free 0800 868747.