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What happens at an ITC Open Day?

Posted on 07/11/2017 by

An ITC Open Day is a chance to get a guided tour of our campus facilities and meet some of our friendly staff and students.

Are you thinking about studying airline, travel or tourism with ITC?

Come to one of our Open Days to learn all about the College and what to expect if you enrol with us.

An ITC Open Day is a relaxed, welcoming day. It’s a chance for you to get a sneak peek into life at the College. Our Open Days are also designed to help you decide whether we’re the right training provider for you.

At an Open Day, you will have the opportunity to:


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New Zealand’s spookiest tourism attractions

Posted on 31/10/2017 by

Lanarch Castle in Dunedin is pretty as a picture – but some people say it’s haunted by ghosts, making it one of NZ’s most popular spooky tourism attractions.

Happy Halloween!

If Halloween is your favourite holiday and you get a buzz from the spookier things in life, you’ll love this list.

Here are some of New Zealand’s spookiest tourism attractions – the perfect places to get your haunt on this Halloween.


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Apply now to study travel & tourism in 2018

Posted on 24/10/2017 by

ITC has courses starting in January, February, and March 2018 – apply now to secure your spot!

Want to make 2018 your best year yet? Study travel & tourism with the International Travel College of New Zealand!

ITC has three qualifications starting in early 2018:

15 January – New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a Strand in Travel & Tourism Level 3

19 February – New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a Strand in Aviation Level 3

19 March Diploma in International Tourism and Travel Management Level 5

All of these qualifications will prepare you for a career in the airline, travel and tourism industry – both here in New Zealand and abroad.


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A day in the life of John Armstrong – ITC tutor

Posted on 17/10/2017 by

ITC Tutor John Armstrong shares his daily routine, including some tips for students about staying motivated.

Known for his friendly nature and great sense of humour, John has been a tutor at ITC for twelve years (and counting). He loves helping students discover the magic of a career in travel and tourism. 

Describe your typical day

I spend my day teaching, marking, prepping, researching, and updating myself. I also help with referrals for both new students and alumni students (graduates).

I teach Level 3 Tourism, Level 3 Aviation, Level 4 Travel, and I’ve recently taken on Foundation IATA, which is an external paper and recognised globally. I enjoy teaching IATA because it’s a new challenge, and I tell my students each time I teach it that we are embarking on a long journey together. We learn so much. IATA is changing as this is a fast and rapidly growing industry, it’s really exciting.


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Five ways to make studying easier

Posted on 10/10/2017 by

A simple way to make studying easier is to come to class every day so you can get good support from your tutors.

Studying can be hard work – but with the right attitude, it can also be a lot of fun.

Here are five tips for making studying easier so you can achieve your tourism qualification with less stress and more enjoyment.


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Five tips for studying with friends

Posted on 03/10/2017 by

Studying with friends can be a great way to learn – as long as you stay focused.

One of the best things about studying at ITC is that you’ll make lifelong friends. ITC is a social college – many students say that ITC is “just like one big family!”

If you visit ITC, you’ll see students laughing in corridors, sharing a meal in the common area, practising role-play assignments in the Airport Training Centre, or studying together for a test.

Most courses involve a lot of group work, so it’s important that you can be productive and have fun with your classmates at the same time. Here are five tips for studying with friends without getting too distracted.


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Meet the ITC graduate working in Canada

Posted on 26/09/2017 by

ITC graduate Sarah Collins is living and working in Jasper, a beautiful alpine town in Canada.

“Thank you ITC for opening my eyes to what is out there in the world.”

These are the words of Sarah Collins, an ITC graduate who is now working as a ticket agent in the beautiful alpine town of Jasper in Canada. Set on a lake and surrounded by snowcapped mountains, Jasper is a popular tourism destination renowned for its stunning natural beauty.

“Everything is going so amazing over here!” says Sarah, who has been working in Jasper since May.

“I’m absolutely in love with the town. There are so many New Zealanders and Australians here so I don’t feel far from home.”

We caught up with Sarah to learn more about her exciting Canadian adventure and to get some tips for future ITC graduates looking to pursue an international career.


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All about the NZ Certificate in Tourism with a Strand in Tourism and Travel

Posted on 19/09/2017 by

The NZ Certificate in Tourism with a Strand in Tourism and Travel will help prepare you for a job in NZ’s exciting tourism industry.

Do you love to travel? Are you a ‘people person’? Are you passionate about New Zealand?

If you’re nodding ‘yes’, then a career in New Zealand’s growing tourism industry could be your calling – and ITC has just the qualification to help you get there.

The New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a Strand in Tourism and Travel Level 3 is a comprehensive introduction to the tourism industry.


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7 ways international students make NZ a better place

Posted on 12/09/2017 by

ITC is a multicultural college. We welcome around 50 international students a year and cherish the contribution they make to college life.

New Zealand is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world – so it’s no surprise that many international students choose to study here.

In 2016 alone, more than 131,000 international students studied in New Zealand, with the majority (63%) based in Auckland.

Whether they are here for six months or six years, these students bring diversity, culture, knowledge, and so much more to our Pacific nation.

We believe that international students make New Zealand a better place – here’s seven reasons why.


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How to find a tourism job with ITC’s Employment Consultants

Posted on 05/09/2017 by

Are you a past or present ITC student looking for work? Come and visit our Employment Consultants today!

Did you know that ITC has two dedicated Employment Consultants whose job is to help you find work?

Sarndra Stephens and Catherine Alder are committed to helping ITC students (past and present) gain employment in the airline, travel and tourism industry.

Whether you are looking for work experience while you study, your first job after graduating, or your third or fourth job opportunity since leaving ITC, Sarndra and Cathy can help.

They know about the latest airline, travel and tourism jobs and can assist you with preparing for an interview and making an excellent first impression (once you have your CV ready).

Here are some tips for making the most of this incredible service.


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