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ITC celebrates the successes of our inspiring 2023 graduates

Posted on 22/11/2023 by

We love tourism, and we’re so proud to congratulate our many graduates who have already found amazing roles in the industry this year!

“ITC’s long history of consistently working so collaboratively with the airline, travel and tourism industry in New Zealand has led us to being the first point of contact for businesses looking to recruit the future tourism workforce,” says Ceri Jenkins, Key Stakeholder Manager for ITC.

“The combination of these extensive partnerships, quality of teaching and the dedication and hard work of our Employment Consultants, enables us to provide the best service to our students to truly stand by our promises when we first meet our prospective students whilst they are still in school, or in their initial meeting with our course advisor to see which study option is best for them,” he continued.

All this training and dedication leads us to the end of each year where we look back and celebrate our many inspiring students who have gained incredible roles in the travel and tourism industry all over Aotearoa and beyond.


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Annual ITC Industry Expo inspires students and graduates

Posted on 20/09/2023 by

Air New Zealand was one of several industry brands that spoke at the annual ITC event.

Every year, ITC invites travel and tourism industry representatives to visit campus and engage with our students and graduates.

It’s an opportunity for employers to meet the next generation of qualified, passionate workers, and it’s a chance for our students to learn more about the industry, discover new career paths, and meet those working in the industry.


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Your insider’s guide to: Working in a senior HR role at a leading hotel

Posted on 30/05/2023 by

We hear from Carol Mendes (centre), Assistant Director of Human Resources for Cordis Hotel, about her career and what it’s like working in HR.

Travel and tourism is an incredibly broad industry, with many different pathways to take.

To help highlight the range of options available to our graduates, we’re getting in touch with some of our industry connections to learn a little more about the different jobs and what it’s like to work in them.

We’ve heard about what it’s like to work in bungy jumping, and this time we’re taking a completely different perspective. We’re chatting to Carol Mendes, the Assistant Director of Human Resources for Cordis Hotel.

Read on to learn about her story, and what she looks for in new employees. (more…)

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Your insider’s guide to: Working in bungy jumping

Posted on 22/02/2023 by

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in bungy jumping? We asked one of NZ’s top bungy pros to learn more!

When you study travel and tourism, there are so many exciting careers available to you.

Here in New Zealand, we’re the home of the bungy jump, and many of our students graduate with the goal of working as a Jump Master – like Fleur, who recently landed her dream job in Queenstown

To find out a little more about what it’s like to work in bungy jumping, we reached out to Graham Trubuhovich, National Operations Manager for AJ Hackett Bungy. Here’s what he had to say.


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Meet the graduate who ‘jumped’ into a job with AJ Hackett!

Posted on 31/01/2023 by

Fleur recently landed an incredible role in Queenstown.

If you spent some of your summer exploring New Zealand’s fantastic attractions, hiring rental cars, flying up and down the country, or staying in hotels, there’s a real chance you came across an ITC graduate at some stage.

Many of our wonderful graduates work in travel and tourism all over Aotearoa, including Fleur, who recently started an exciting role with AJ Hackett in Queenstown after studying at our Whangarei Campus. It was all thanks to her time at ITC, the work experience she did as part of her course, and her genuine hard work and passion for the industry.

We had a quick chat with Fleur to ask her for all the details about her time at ITC and her new job.


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Read the student story that made Employment Consultant Sarndra say “WOW!”

Posted on 24/01/2023 by

Telesia’s incredible story recently impressed Employment Consultant Sarndra.

At ITC, we have a dedicated Employment Consultant who works with current and past graduates to help them find roles in the industry. Thanks to her position, Sarndra often hears incredible stories from students.

But even when she hears these success stories often, there’s the occasional one that still makes her say, “WOW!”.

Recently, that was thanks to past student Telesia Saofai. Of course, we had to ask Employment Consultant Sarndra for more details – here’s what she had to say. 


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Airport open day proves how important it is to study travel and tourism

Posted on 31/08/2022 by

Auckland Airport recently held a recruitment fair, where there were more than 3,000 jobs up for grabs.

In late July, Auckland Airport opened its doors in a massive recruitment fair. There were over 3,000 jobs up for grabs, and more than 4,000 people attended the event.

This recruitment fair was at just at the right time, only a day before the border finally officially opened fully once again. Much like the rest of the tourism and travel companies around New Zealand, Auckland Airport was looking to bring on new staff to get ready for the rush of tourists expected this summer.

Here’s a little more about the recruitment day, and why it means it’s such a good time to study travel and tourism!


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Catching up with Shania Wheatley: A Covid whirlwind with a happy ending

Posted on 25/05/2022 by

Graduate Shania has had a whirlwind few years, all with a fantastic happy ending!

ITC graduate Shania Wheatley has had an incredible journey.

We first interviewed her in 2017 when she landed a job on a cruise ship and lined another up to work at Disney. But so much changed just a couple of years later that we interviewed her again, and found her back in NZ working in an isolation facility.

Now in the wake of Covid, Shania has made another big move – and a big lifestyle change! Her journey is truly a whirlwind, but it has a happy ending.

Here it is in her own words.


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12 essential pieces of advice for graduates from ITC’s CEO, Claire Huxley

Posted on 13/07/2021 by

ITC CEO Claire Huxley has 12 pieces of advice for graduates.

Claire Huxley is ITC’s Chief Executive Officer and a worldwide traveller. Her background in international travel and tourism and her own extensive travels, paired with her marketing background, make her an incredible leader for the International Travel College.

Recently, Claire offered up some words of wisdom for graduates, and for those graduating over the coming months.

“Remember the lessons you learnt during this year – resilience is about learning from what you have been through and don’t forget you’ve come this far, you can do so much more!!! Focus on progress not perfection” (more…)

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