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“ITC is the place to study!”

Posted on 01/12/2011 by

We recently received an email from one of our graduates, Margaret Wilson, telling us about her fantastic new job and thanking ITC for helping to get her there. We wanted to share Margaret’s words because she is such a wonderful example of what ITC aims to do. Her dedication and commitment are also a credit to her and have helped her to achieve her dreams.

Margaret says she was “stoked” to receive the phone call from Qantas telling her she had the position of telephone sales consultant – reservations. She credits the mentorship of ITC’s tutors and staff with “getting me to where I am today, and changing me into a more confident person.” She says that the college’s training has provided her with the “experiences and qualifications I needed to secure my dream job.”

Qantas’s three-week interviewing process was “nerve-wracking, says Margaret, but she spent plenty of time researching and preparing herself. “I gradually became stronger, and more positive and confident, because of all the confidence each of you had given me by believing in me.”

Margaret says that “the many role plays – telephone and frontline” she had done at ITC meant that by the time she reached the group assessment interview she thought: “This is familiar and I’ve been trained for this by my wonderful tutors.”

She also called in and spoke to tutors Carla and Sam to help prepare for her interviews. Margaret was also grateful to Carla and tutor Steve for being referees for her job application. “You must have said good words to help me get through,” she says in her email.

Now that she has secured her dream job, Margaret says, “I will continue to work my hardest, and achieve the goals and tasks set for me to show that I am and will always be an ITC student. I want to show Qantas I was taught by the best.”

“ITC is the place to study and secure a career as promised!”

We are so thrilled for Margaret and we are proud to have helped achieve her goals. Congratulations!


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LordFrost’s Guide to ITC

Posted on 23/11/2011 by

Now, how do you survive at ITC one might ask?

There are lots of ways to get through the 12 months spent one of the best career paths in the world. I chose a variation of ways that I would never try to take back.

So I’m going break down this guide month by month, using my 12 months as a base for you all.

JANUARY – Welcome to the International Travel College.
It’s like starting a new job, going to a new school or going to your best friends family reunion. It’s awkward, annoying, and a little bit scary. So as the saying goes, take a big glass of harden up and be yourself.

Things started with Introductions of who you are & why you decided to go to International Travel College. Which for me, was a career change. I was in hospitality and while it was cool, it wasn’t quite for me – so I thought I’d explore the other side of it.

The same month was the International Student Welcome, the Student Council Election, and the Amazing Race event. Firstly, the Student Welcome.

When Michelle asked for volunteers for the event, I figured since I wasn’t the most selfless person at High School I figured to do as much as I could to meet and greet people who may help me at some point in my career’s future, not to mention that it led to some awesome experiences and times.

So myself, and a few other students were taken to the Aotea Centre, given the first of the ITC shirts that would become my small obsession from the course haha, and then asked to usher students to their seats, answer questions – “where are the toilets?” was a frequent one. It was a fantastic time, and had a few laughs with Michelle and other students.

Secondly, the Student Council.

This one kinda fell in my lap. We were told to have two people to represent us at meetings with Kerry & Michelle regarding upcoming events and just the goings-on in the college.

I’m quite the dominant person by nature, so I tried very hard to push the role onto people who’s voices weren’t heard during class, giving them the chance to make themselves known, but only one spoke up – and the class appointed me as the other. So I accepted. This too was a great experience. It was almost like attending a work meeting, and I made friends from some of the other classes that were enrolled at the same time.

Lastly, the Amazing Race.

Student Event #1 – this was incredible. It was the first of what now seems to be an annual event. A race around the CBD answering the odd question and filling out clues. We didn’t win, but we had great fun in doing so. I also managed to score a second ITC shirt – but then so did the rest of the college. Still, a lot of hard work, and in the sun it was a fantastic day out.

FEBRUARY – MARCH – APRIL – The Work Begins & Events Galore.

I don’t really remember the events for February & March. But I do know that the work was far more important. We managed to cover Destination NZ – and I’m sorry to say, but that was the longest most drawn out BORING assessment EVER …. Unfortunately for me it was but 1 of the 4 ugly assessments that had to be done. It was followed by Destination Australia, Destination United Kingdom & Destination USA. All of which just seemed to go on and on and on. A lot of self motivation and force was required to accomplish them. Needless to say, I was informed they were reviewed and I’m told shortened after my class did them – Thanks ITC, thanks a whole lot …. :P

The Easter Bunny Event. From what I remember was to dress up someone as an Easter Bunny. The best bunny won. That wasn’t us haha.

I also scored a ITC shirt for helping out at Pasifika – that was INCREDIBLE. The sheer amount of people there was amazing. It was a recruitment day for the college, and the students task was to show just how fantastique ITC is. I don’t know just how many people were involved, but there was a lot of interest.

I missed of couple of other events though, unsure as to why, may have been sick or late.

MAY – JUNE – JULY – Somewhere in here was TRENZ

TRENZ. What more can one say. The industry proved just how big it really was when they set up their tiny stalls at the ASB Showgrounds. The shirts here were a more professional look (though a collar with long sleeves would have been nicer :P). Anyway, we got to meet some future employers, but also got a look at some of the newest products or deals offered. The best thing was knowing TRENZ is an invite only event and that the products would be displayed later in the year at the public Travel Expo.

I think this same month was the Wearable Arts or Food Fun events. The Wearable arts was HILARIOUS, it was Kiwiana themed, and our model. She was the College Diva and she walked that plastic bag dress we made & made it work like it was Armani Couture, needless to say she won Best Model – we were happy with that.

AUGUST – SEPTEMBER – Global Wednesday.

Around this time, the decision to do the IATA exams had to be made. At the time I didn’t feel ready, but looking back, I should have just done it. It would have been FAR easier than juggling the classes like I did. Still was great to learn it. And I still retain most of the stuff learnt. Had like, youngest of our tutors for it and she made it like the most incredible subject to learn. Trust me, she made it look so easy – but it’s so much more of a challenge at times. A big ups for the homemade Play-Dough to help us too :)

Global Wednesday – ah the best event of the year. We got landed with France. Well that was it was in there with ideas like a bullet from a gun. We had a very wide range of cultures and personalities in our class and fitting them all into the concept was horrid. But we did it. We had a Mime, french maid, chef, artist, Coco Chanel, French Rugby player & Burlesque Dancer oh and 2 of three Musketeers. With out French Vanilla Cheesecake, Quiche & Grape Juice (Wine) and very lame attempt at the Can-Can since our song was like ….. well insert alternative name for dumb here. We still won and were over the moon.

OCTOBER – Halloween Trivial Pursuits, Coke Expo & Work Experience

This was a disappointing event from my class as only two others wanted to take part. So myself & my classmates went away from the Witches & Demons that plague Halloween. We were class, we were heavenly, we were Greek Gods – Apollo, Athena & Hera. We were also, LATE.

We won best costume, realized we knew like NOTHING about NZ or the current events at the time. BUT – we did have a ball and I thank those two for partaking.

Coke Expo – this was like a careers expo on steroids. Again the ASB Showgrounds hosted a HUGE number of High School Students looking at the many doors open to them. Myself (and what would be my last ITC shirt – i think ) and a few other students helped Michelle again with recruiting students or at the very least helping decide whether ITC was the right step for them. That was a huge event and from what I recall, we were the most visible of the tourism institutes – stall wise I mean.

Work Experience – ah the fateful encounter that got me my current job.

I was lucky enough to get to spend a week at Intercity Coachlines, while my first choice would have been Contiki if it was offered. I couldn’t see myself happy at Rainbow’s End, Thrifty Car Rentals, or Nomad’s Backpackers. And what a week. I learnt so much from the staff at the Travel Centre (which is where I work now) and I was so over joyed to hear from Ceri that I had been offered to work there. I went and discussed the hours with the manager, and soon I was a part-timer learning the Tourism Industry from within. With only a month left before I was finished, I was happy to have a place to go when I finished.

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER – The End of an Era, well 12 months.
It was time for the best 12 months of my educational life to come to end. And I mean the BEST. Like anything it wasn’t a bed of Roses. But the staff & students I met there I will never forget. Last event was the Beach Day out and it was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, I know this cos I got burnt. It was a real fun filled day where students & tutors could completely unwind, which they did!

Last day was celebrated with a few classmates and nice STRONG drink. And the tutors had the same idea – as we saw them at the pub across the road, yeah don’t think you could hide behind the sunnies guys, we got you – you on Candid Camera now! :)

Overall it was one of the best times of my life. So much knowledge gained & shared. And when I’m all experienced and over travelled – I’ll be expecting a teaching position there. You know this don’t you Claire, Kerry, Michelle ….. Guys, you’re listening right?! o_O

So, if you’re unsure, and thinking if ITC is the place to study. I tell you – it is.

This is like, the clearest of my memories, and don’t let my thoughts of some of the assessments deter you – the good must come with the bad, you will enjoy it.

I guarantee you this – please note there is no money back guarantee you will need to make the experience your own – but the staff are there to help you, they want you to get the best out of the study so you can get the best out of the industry. Look for me on the ITC Wall of Fame in the City Campus. I should be there along with my fellow classmates and a few friends you may know who went there.

All I can say is if you’re wanting to get into Tourism, ITC is the place to be …..



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The Big City and the Little Village

Posted on 07/11/2011 by

ITC’s Managing Director Kerry Priestley tells us about two of his favourite travel destinations.

Working in the world of travel and tourism, I am often asked about my favourite destination, but it’s so hard to choose! I have been to many wonderful places over the years, but it’s the people you meet and the experiences you share that make a trip really stand out.

However, there are two destinations that evoke particularly special memories for me – one close to home and the other a little farther away.

Firstly, I love Melbourne. I have had some great times there, and I have travelled to Melbourne more than to any other overseas destination. So what keeps me going back?

It is so hard to describe the feeling of a place, but in practical terms Melbourne is really easy to get around thanks to a great public transport system; it has fantastic shopping precincts within the central city itself or just a short tram ride away; there’s a wide diversity of restaurants that cater for all tastes and styles; and then there’s the great night life, with excellent live theatre and clubs and bars to suit all ages. And you are only 45 minutes away from the Yarra Valley, one of the key winemaking areas in Victoria.

So for me, Melbourne has it all, and it is all there at your fingertips.

My other, and more recent, favourite destination is Provence in the South of France – in particular mid-Provence. This is where there are many (and I mean many!) quaint little villages that represent the France of a bygone era.

This is an unusual choice for me, because I am not generally a small village sort of person. I really like cities where there is a lot to see and do.

But these villages all have their own unique personalities, and I love to find a café in the village square and sit and watch the world go by. The French love of food (and mine!) is rewarded with some amazing restaurants turning out fantastic cuisine. Their passion for the culinary arts is obvious.

But, again, it is the indefinable feel of the place and its history that make the experience in these villages – many dating back to Roman times – so memorable.

My memories of both Melbourne and Provence are created from great experiences with good friends and I hope to keep adding to them!


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Industry Expo a huge hit!

Posted on 21/09/2011 by

At The International Travel College (ITC) both our City and Botany campuses have recently hosted some of our key industry partners for our annual Industry Expo. All campus students and Distance Online Learning students were invited to attend. The following companies were involved: NZ Customs, Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy, Go Holidays and Stella Travel, Nomads Backpackers, Jet Connect/Qantas, Explore NZ and Spaceships.

The vast majority of these presenters also brought a graduate of ours that are now working with them along to the event to present alongside a senior manager or on their behalf.  This enabled all of our current students to understand that in any time over the next 12 months they could be in the position that gradute is currently in.

“My involvement in the industry expo was very enjoyable. When I was a student at ITC I always found these days very beneficial and motivating. This time round being a presenter was very cool! I loved telling people how my job came about and explaining to them what my role is within the company. Myself and Courtney both found it important to make it an interactive presentation with lots of info, games, freebies and also encouraging students to ask questions. By doing this I think kept students interested. Being a fresh student out of ITC and managing to get a job through work experience I think would of made students realise that you can get jobs easily if you put yourself out there and take different opportunities when there given to you.” Said Brittany Gawith, who now works at Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy.
“Overall I had a great day and felt very privileged to be able to talk to students about my new job which I love, I feel very lucky!” she said.

The feedback from all students has been fantastic with Boi and Mark from Nomads being the favourites from and entertainment and fun factor. Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy were very close seconds with free T shirts on offer for students involved in harness fitting competitions and pictures of famous people doing a bungy jump, such a Justin Bieber and Katie Perry.

All employers were delayed in coming to morning break and lunch as they were inundated with students asking further questions and the really on to it students asking when can they start some work experience!

Like wise, the feedback from all of the employers has been outstanding with an overwhelming sense that our students are of a very high standard and will be very employable when they graduate.  A number of students have already been offered work experience with a few to employment.

Comments from all the ITC staff at both Botany and the City has been excellent with a common thread being that this was possibly the best Industry Expo ever!


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ITC Nominated for Further Business Award

Posted on 06/09/2011 by

The International Travel College (ITC) of New Zealand has been nominated for the Excellence in Marketing category in the Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards.

ITC recently won Excellence in Marketing at the Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards.

The entry criteria for the Auckland awards states that the marketing category “recognises a business that shows a thorough understanding of – and commitment to – marketing in a way that makes it a clear leader in the field.”

“We certainly hope that describes us,” says Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “Marketing at ITC is about more than getting students to sign up to our courses – it’s about integrating all aspects of the college into the travel and tourism industry.”

ITC’s strong commitment to developing relationships with industry pays off for its students, who regularly get real-world experience and job opportunities through ITC’s connections.

“For example, our Sales Executive Ceri Jenkins is constantly working to market the college by developing strong links between the students and their future careers.”

Ceri has brokered numerous opportunities for students to undertake part-time work with companies such as JUCY Rentals and Auckland War Memorial Museum. And students regularly get onsite experience working behind the scenes at events like the Auckland International Student Welcome and the TRENZ tradeshow.

“Those kinds of relationships come about because we have the confidence that we are genuinely preparing students for jobs in the real world,” says Claire. “And you can’t fake that – you have to have the full support and belief of the staff, the students and the people working in those industries to make it work.”

The award winners will be announced at a black-tie gala dinner at The Langham Hotel Auckland on Thursday 10th November 2011.

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996. ITC also offers a wide range of Distance and Online learning courses.


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Nomads Brownies

Posted on 01/09/2011 by

Staff at the Nomads hostel in Auckland, with the exception of the cleaning crew and the manager, are all graduates of ITC, but they recently realised they had something else in common… brown skin.

What began as a bit of a joke between graduates Boi, Mark, John, Melish, Gabe and Francis has quickly become a feature of the Nomads Auckland experience.

Dubbing themselves the Nomads Brownies, the staff members had t-shirts made up for the end-of-year work party with their Brownie nicknames on the back.

The Nomads Brownies are:
Mark – Afro Kid Brownie
Boi – Pork Chop Brownie
John – Baby Brownie
Gabe – Gubbs Brownie
Melish – Mad Mel Brownie
Francis – Speed Off Brownie

The company loves it and customers have started to pick up on the joke. Winter Brownies hoodies have been ordered and t-shirts for the coming summer are underway.
But it doesn’t stop there!

The Brownies are now the stars of the hostel’s new virtual tour, which takes viewers on a virtual tour of the hostel with some good Brownies humour thrown in. Check it out at:

The Brownies also feature in the Mad Travel Destination Guide and have their own Facebook page with a large and growing following.

And now they’re going global, well, Australasian at least. Baby Brownie, John, has recently moved to Australia to work for a Nomads hostel in Sydney. John has begun recruiting and has one new member already. Who knows where it will end!


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Did you see what we won?

Posted on 17/08/2011 by

International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been named the winner in the Excellence in Marketing category at the Westpac Auckland South Business Awards 2011. This is the first time that this category has been in the Awards and was one of the most contested categories.

The awards (formerly the Westpac Manukau Business Excellence Awards) aim to recognise and celebrate excellence in South Auckland’s businesses, particularly in relation to promoting and strengthening economic development in the region.

The announcement was made at a gala dinner held at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre in Manukau on 12 August.

“We are so thrilled,” says Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “We integrate our marketing in all that we do – whether it’s college-run events, our website and blog, our relationship with industry or work experience for our students.”

“We know that marketing isn’t just about the promotional material we produce. Everyone at the college represents the ITC brand, and it’s an important part of our job to make sure we create an environment where everyone is proud to represent us – whether that’s our staff, our students or our graduates.”

“A passion for the tourism, travel and airline industries is the foundation of our college. Our staff members all have a great deal of experience and a real commitment to sharing that with our students and helping them on their way to their dream career. All of our marketing stems from that core focus.”

“We’d like to say a big thank you to Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development who run the awards, not just for recognising ITC, but for the faith they show in our business community and for the opportunity to show people what we are all capable of.”

ITC, which has campuses in Botany and central Auckland, has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996. ITC also offers a wide range of Distance and Online learning courses.

This is not the first win for the college, which won the Excellence in Service Delivery and Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality awards in 2010


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Have you met our new tutor in the City?

Posted on 11/08/2011 by

Meet Catherine O’Dea, the newest member of the ITC City tutor team. She talks about why she got into the Industry and why she decided to make the move into teaching.

“My love for travel and tourism developed while I was still at high school, so when I graduated I decided to pursue a career in the industry.

I began studying in 2004, but before the academic year was even finished Qantas Airways offered me a job as a reservations consultant. This offered me a great starting point in the industry, and I learnt about many aspects of the business, including customer service, flights, airfares and ticketing.
After two years in Qantas reservations, I applied for the role of business development officer in commercial sales and got it. The role was responsible for looking after Qantas’s small to medium clients, with a key objective to increase market revenue. This role offered me the opportunity to learn about the corporate side of Qantas and meet lots of new people.
After two years in commercial sales I felt like I needed a challenge. I moved to Jetconnect (a subsidiary of Qantas) as a short haul flight attendant. This was a dream come true for me.

The cabin crew training was very challenging and rewarding, and I was extremely excited to finally be able to put it all into practice.

I flew weekly from New Zealand to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and really enjoyed interacting with other crew members and passengers from different cultures every single day. No day was ever the same!
During my time in this role, a position came up at Qantas Business Travel as a corporate travel consultant. Ever since starting at Qantas, I had always wanted to work in this department, so I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

In this role I was able to learn about many more aspects of travel, including packages, rental cars and accommodation. It was here that I learnt about providing great customer service while helping clients with all aspects of their travel requirements.

When I saw the job of travel tutor advertised at ITC, I knew that I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with students who felt as excited about the industry as I did.

What has struck me since starting at ITC is how practically and realistically the training prepares students for careers in travel and tourism.

Like me, the staff all have experience in the industry, which mean students are not only getting the benefit of the great programmes and facilities, but they are getting genuine first-hand knowledge every day.

My goal now is to help others to achieve their goals; to help students make the career choices that are best for them by passing on as much information as I can about working in this amazing industry.”

Thanks Catherine, we know you are going to inspire, motivate and teach lots of students into this awesome industry.  

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Travels in Northland

Posted on 19/07/2011 by

ITC’s Account Manager Ceri Jenkins travels north for the CATE Northland Roadshow

ITC has been attending the Careers and Transition Education Association’s (CATE) Northland Roadshow for many years. The purpose of the week-long event is to talk to as many high school students in the Far North as possible about the career opportunities available to them. A whole range of providers attend the week, including many private training establishments, the main universities and polytechnics, the armed forces and many Industry Training Organisations. This is a great chance for ITC to put a face to our name and really get across to students what a fantastic range of careers are available in this industry that we love.

The week started for me with a bleary-eyed drive at 4.30am on Monday, so I could make it to Kaitaia College for an 8.30am start. Kaitaia is the largest school in the area, with a number of students considering moving out of the area to further their career opportunities.

It was great to be able to engage with such a motivated group of students, but I did receive an unwelcome gift from a flock of seagulls while at the school! While standing outside a classroom waiting my turn for a presentation, the birds decided to use me for target practice, and some of them were very accurate indeed – the students, of course, thought it was hilarious.

We then drove to Taipa Bay for the night; and I took a slight detour so I could sneak in a surf at Ahipara’s Shipwreck Bay. The surf was great and I was even joined by a pod of dolphins.

The next morning we set up our displays at Taipa Area school and then moved onto Whangaroa College.

The influx of students and their parents moving into the Northland region for the lifestyle has certainly had a positive impact on students’ career outlooks.  The students from out of the area are not put off by travelling to Auckland to study and have a whole range of career goals and ideas. This has also had a noticeably positive impact on students who have always lived in the area.

After Whangaroa, we moved into our accommodation in Paihia – our base for the rest of the week. That night we found ourselves in Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack, where they were offering two plates of ribs for the price of one.  Four of us decided we could handle two plates each. To say I was full that night was an understatement.  The following night I had the vegetarian pizza, as meat was certainly off the menu for the time being!

Wednesday was a fantastic day at KeriKeri High School.  The vast majority of students at this school have very focused career goals and have no fears at all about moving out of area to further their studies. The week finished very positively with visits to Okaihau and Northland Colleges on the Thursday and Bay Of Islands College on the Friday.

The level of interest in travel and tourism was really encouraging, and the students were amazed at the range of opportunities studying at ITC could offer. There is still sometimes a perception that this industry offers limited career choices, so it was rewarding to be able tell students about the huge range of options in the hospitality, airline, travel and tourism industries in New Zealand and overseas.

All in all another very successful Northland Roadshow. And, as always, all of the providers shared many laughs (and some great meals!) throughout the week.  We certainly look forward to welcoming students from the Far North to


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How to get a job in the travel industry

Posted on 27/06/2011 by

Check out Dan Roberts and his blog about this subject, some great tips and advice.

Pictured is Marc Aso, ITC graduate working at Nomads Backpackers.


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