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‘Studying at ITC was one of the best decisions I ever made’

Posted on 16/04/2019 by

ITC graduate Eileen enjoys a well-deserved break in beautiful Rarotonga.

In November 2012, Eileen Verona left her home country of the Philippines and travelled to New Zealand to study at ITC.

She says that it was “one of the best decisions” she ever made – and after reading her story, you’ll find it easy to see why.

Studying at ITC: A home away from home

Like many international students, when Eileen first came to New Zealand she felt a little homesick from time to time. But she says that ITC supported her every step of the way.

“While I was adjusting to life in a new culture and new country, I had ITC supporting me with these life-changing moments. I always looked forward to going to College and there was never a dull moment,” Eileen explains.

“ITC created a welcoming environment for international students like me, so I was able to call New Zealand my home, too.”

The next chapter: Working in the tourism industry

After completing her qualification (an advanced Diploma in Tourism and Travel management), Eileen landed a dream job at a company called Student Horizons as a Sales Development Coordinator.

Student Horizons arranges exciting educational, performing arts, and sports tours for high school groups – for example, a media studies class to visit New York Film Academy for a workshop, or an Animation Studio Tour in Los Angeles, or a football trip to play matches against schools in Manchester and Spain. The company organises the entire trip on behalf of the school, including all the flights, accommodation, transfers, insurance and educational activities.

Eileen says it’s a “blessing” to work for a company that has such a big impact on so many students.

“I knew I wanted to work in the travel industry and make a positive impact on as many travellers as I could. What a blessing it was when I started at Student Horizons. What I love about my work is that we don’t just provide overseas tours for students, but experiences for life,” says Eileen.

Living in New Zealand: ‘A very friendly and loving country’

While she still gets homesick for family and friends every now and then, Eileen loves that she gets to call New Zealand home.

“New Zealand is a very loving and beautiful country to be in. From the postcard-perfect scenery to the friendly people from different cultures, living here is simply amazing.”

Her advice for other international students? Keep busy and find activities you love.

“One tip I can share is to always surround yourself with friends and do activities. There are plenty of things to do in New Zealand that don’t cost much or are even free! I found a hobby in photography and gardening, I volunteered at a marathon race, and I even ticked off one of the items on my bucket list – to bungy jump off the Harbour Bridge!” says Eileen.

She’s excited to see what the future brings and looks back fondly on her time at ITC.

“I will always remember my time at ITC, especially all the wonderful activities for international students,” says Eileen.

“Studying at ITC really was one of the best decisions I ever made!”

Are you inspired by Eileen’s story? Get in touch today to learn how we can get your airline, travel and tourism career off to a flying start. 

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18 Responses to “‘Studying at ITC was one of the best decisions I ever made’”

  1. Eriane aguilar says:

    I am a school regiatrar and i want to inquire inyou school if you could cater our graduating students of diplomq in hotel and technology for On the job training program in your country. Thank you and have a nice day.


    • Lesley Brough says:

      Hi Eriane, thanks for your message. I’m sorry, but we only can arrange On The Job training for ITC students here in NZ. If you would like to discuss other ways on how to possibly work together, please feel free to email me at Kind regards, Lesley.

  2. Titilia says:

    I am interested

  3. Marco Pokalai Apamumu says:

    I am interested in ITC and would really like to study in New Zealand.
    What courses you offer there?

  4. Paulina small says:

    I would like to enroll

  5. Mariz Parado says:

    U have such a truly wonderful & amazing life story… Yours is such an inspiring one, indeed…I was once a FILIPINO dreamer of reaching NZ…however, after passing the IELTS, I conceived our 1st child then, prompting me to stay for good in our beloved Philippines… & forget & stopped dreaming about NZ then.As I was about to end reading your very heartwarming story w/ my kids (DJ-17y/o & PAULA-15y/o) both in high school still, I am praying much to GOD that they will hopefully continue what I’ve left *UNDONE* in my Journey…HUGE THANKS MS. EILEEN & CONTINUE TO BE AN INSPIRING BLESSING TO MANY, LIKE *ME*…👼👼👼💝💚💜

  6. Caroline Aribi says:

    I am interested for my children’s future studies and career.

  7. Loreen Rosales says:

    I’m very much interested and I would like to study in New Zealand. May I ask how can I apply as an International student? Is being an International Student free? Can Occupational Theraphy course be taken in New Zealand? What are the requirements needed? Do I have to take an IELTS Exam?

    • Lesley Brough says:

      Hi Lorren, it’s great to hear you are considering study in New Zealand. All students in NZ must pay for their course fees, so I’m sorry, no, they are not free. Occupational Therapy courses can definitely be taken in New Zealand, but not at our college. You should do a search for them on Google. Yes, you will need to sit IELTS for any study in New Zealand. Good luck with your search. Kind regards, ITC.

  8. Karalaini.Nainoka says:

    Do you offer Scholarships? International students.

  9. Bessie Raka says:

    I’m very interested please advise what courses you provide.

  10. Anasitasia Marama says:

    I would like to enroll. I am really interested to take the course.

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