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Sarah Whalen, Flight Redemption Consultant, American Express

Sarah Whalen knew she wanted to work in travel and tourism when she first went on a plane. Now she has landed a job at American Express.

What are the highs and lows of your job?

Only highs with this job. The hours I work are brilliant and there are many opportunities for promotion. I speak to customers every day about their trips and I can hear the excitement in their voices.

What skills did you gain from studying at ITC that you use every day in your job?

Learning the basics of making flight bookings and everything to do with customer service.

Any advice for current ITC students?

Take advantage of the role plays you do, it really helps. I never thought I’d use what I learned but I do every day! Always hand in your assessments on time. You may think wearing corporate wear every day at college is silly but it really does prepare you for what to wear in interviews and working in the industry.