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Erin Hornsby, Receptionist, YHA International

Originally from Malborough, Erin recently graduated from ITC and is now working in reception at one of Auckland’s leading youth hostels.

What advice could you give to future graduates of ITC?

Stay on task at all times but also have fun whilst doing so.  Take all the advice that is constantly offered by your tutors.  They are always happy to help you so just ask and you never know when you may need it.

What skills did you gain from studying with ITC that you use everyday in your job?

The administration skills because I am constantly responding to emails and making bookings.  Knowing where places are and countries are located has helped me deal with our international customers.

Some Do's and Don'ts advice for current students at ITC?

Always make time for your assessments because they are so important in completing your work.  Don’t get lazy and let your work fall back because it is easy to fall behind in your work.  Hand in things early!