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Why ITC students strive to never miss class

Posted on 14/08/2018 by

At ITC, students are encouraged to treat studying like their first job – and that means no skipping class.

Skipping class is a normal part of being a student… or is it? Not at the International Travel College (ITC). At ITC, students strive to never miss class because they have their eye on a bigger prize: a 100% attendance record.

Achieving 100% attendance is one of the highest honours an ITC student can graduate with, as it immediately makes a good impression with tourism employers. If a student achieves 100% attendance, it shows employers they are dedicated, committed, reliable, and professional — all attractive traits when it comes to working in the industry.

Reliability = employability

“When we consider recommending a student for a job, we look at attendance, reliability, their academic record and their overall attitude to the course,” says ITC Employment Consultant Cathy Alder.

“We encourage students to treat studying at ITC like their first job. We want them to show us how they will be as an employee in the industry by starting good habits throughout their studies, not waiting until they graduate.”

Of course, sometimes life happens and students are unable to attend every class. People get sick, family crises strike, public transport breaks down — sometimes 100% attendance isn’t possible. But, ITC’s philosophy is students should still try their best to come to every class.  

Aim for the moon, land in the stars

If students aim for 100%, they might end up with a 95% attendance record once they factor in sick days — and that’s still a great result. Whereas if they are relaxed about attendance, it might drop to something like 70% by the end of their qualification — which doesn’t look good for employers.

“We tell students: if you can’t show us your commitment at course, it’s not going to be something you suddenly do in a job. You are responsible for your education, and it’s up to you to make the choice to come to class every day and try your best,” says Cathy.

Attend class today, reap the rewards tomorrow

Ultimately, striving for 100% attendance means students are thinking about their future and taking steps to make their dream job a reality.

“What will happen if students take too many days off? They will miss key information, fail units, potentially fail to complete the course, and above all — they will miss out on their dream job!” says Cathy.

“That’s why we put such an emphasis on attendance. Other than completing your assignments to the best of your ability, it’s one of the best things you can do for your future tourism career.”

Do you think you could achieve 100% attendance? ITC has classes starting in mid-September. Get in touch today to learn how a qualification from ITC can get your tourism career off to a flying start.

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