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What to expect when you visit ITC

Posted on 15/03/2016 by
ITC is a warm and welcoming college. Visit us to meet with our friendly staff and learn more about a career in airline, travel or tourism.

ITC is a warm and welcoming college. Visit us to meet with our friendly staff and learn more about a career in airline, travel or tourism.

You’ve heard about this awesome travel and tourism school called the International Travel College of New Zealand. You want to visit the City or South Auckland campus to check out the atmosphere and see if it could be the right college for you. But… you’re nervous. What will it be like? Who will you meet? Will you have to take a test? What if you come unprepared?

Take a deep breath!

We can reassure you that visiting ITC for the first time isn’t a nerve-wracking experience. The pictures you see on social media don’t lie – ITC really is a warm and welcoming college with friendly staff and students. And you can drop in and visit us any time!

To alleviate your anxiety, we’ve outlined exactly what you can expect from a visit to ITC. Read on and you’ll see there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Meet and greet with a course adviser

When you come into ITC, you’ll get the chance to meet with one of our friendly course advisers. It’s recommended to make an appointment in advance (you can book a time by calling 0800 868 747), but if you happen to drop in unannounced, then they’ll do their best to see you if they can.

This meeting is a chance for you to learn more about studying airline, travel or tourism, and for us to get to know a little bit about your hobbies, interests and future career goals. It’s not like a scary, formal interview – rather a friendly chat. The course adviser will tell you all about life at ITC and answer any questions you may have about the courses or the college.

Short and sweet questionnaire

We will get you to answer a very short questionnaire, which will include some literacy and numeracy questions. This isn’t intended to be a stressful test. The reason we ask you these questions is to see what you already know and what you need to learn. This allows us to recommend the right course level to suit your skills and experience.

You don’t need to prepare for this questionnaire. Just bring yourself, an open mind and a positive attitude!

College tour

Now for the fun part – our college tour. One of our course advisers or friendly reception staff will take you on a tour of the campus. You’ll see the classrooms, computer labs, common areas and even our state-of-the-art Airport Training Centre. You might even get to see some classes in action or to meet some current students and tutors along the way.

Seeing the college with your own eyes will help you make a decision about whether ITC ‘feels right’ for you.

Additional tips and advice

If you’re thinking of making a time to come into ITC, here are a few other helpful hints to keep in mind:

  • Dress to impress. At ITC, our students put a lot of effort into their presentation and we’d love it if you could do the same! Wear a tidy, smart outfit and smart shoes to avoid looking out of place. Remember; first impressions count!
  • You can bring a friend. If you’re nervous to come alone, or you have a friend who you think might be interested in studying here too, then feel free to bring them along. You are also welcome to bring a family member.
  • Open days are the best days for ‘walk-ins’. If you’d rather not make an appointment, try visiting on an Open Day. These are days when we open the college to the public, so you can pop in at any time. All of our Open Days are published here.

We hope this advice has helped to calm your nerves and encouraged you to come in and see us. We can’t wait to meet you!

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One Response to “What to expect when you visit ITC”

  1. LY VERONIQUE says:

    HELLO, i’m already an agent customer check-in for a local company in tahiti and i have a dream and i think that ITC can do something to realize my ambition dream like working for a beautiful and award company like air new zealand and i thing when i read your website that you are the only one you can realize it for me . A great place for me to pass on my experiences and love og all things travel and tourism related.
    I think that ITC can give me the opportunities to realize and pursue my dream .Sorry for the repetitions ! You’ve written inside your site that you look for only talent around New Zealand may i be this person ? I wish to be one one day if you help me !That will be a challenge and a new beautiful change life too for me and other persons i share with .

    PS/ I’m a tahitian girl and i live in Papeete in French Polynesia .
    Five hours by plane from Papeete to Ne zealand .

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