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Whangarei students employed directly after work experience

Posted on 08/12/2022 by

After completing work experience during their studies, several students were offered jobs – including one with AJ Hackett in Queenstown!

At ITC, one of the many ways we prepare students for a career in travel and tourism is with work experience.

Students can learn a lot in a classroom, especially with our tutors who are industry experts themselves. They can also learn a lot with during famils, where they get to experience travel and tourism first-hand.

But actually trying out a job and seeing what it’s really like is unique, which is why we work closely with students to organise work experience before they graduate and start applying for jobs.

And recently, we’ve found that their work experience is leading directly into employment!

Multiple students gain employment following work experience  

Fleur wanted to work in adventure tourism after taking a holiday in Queenstown and falling in love with the region and the adventurous culture. That’s why she did her work experience in Auckland with AJ Hackett, but it was her passion for the job and her knowledge and skills she gained from ITC that helped her do so well. So well in fact, that the Auckland AJ Hackett manager recommended her for a role with AJ Hackett Queenstown. She graduates today, December 8, and starts work in Queenstown tomorrow!

Another student Hemara did work experience at Distinction Hotel Whangarei, and was offered a job there. She has been working part time as she finished her studies with ITC, but will move to a full time position as soon as she graduates, and will stay there until she heads to the USA in late February to work in a resort.

Then there’s Katie, a student who wanted to see what it was like working in a hotel in Auckland. We set up some work experience for her there, but she soon realised she would rather stay in a local role in Whangarei for now. This is exactly the purpose of doing work experience, so she went for an interview at the Distinction Hotel in Whangarei instead, and was offered a role there.

Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“Work experience was so good I really enjoyed it, especially working in the Food & Beverage and Housekeeping. The people there were so friendly and welcoming to me which made me feel like I belonged there.”

We also have Jack, who did his experience at Go Holidays. The General Manager at Go Holidays said that “Jack was great and a real pleasure to have in our office this week.” Jack impressed the team so much that he has been offered two different consultant roles to choose from at the company!

Jack said: “Work experience with Go Holidays was great, probably one of the most valuable things I’ve done.”

Students enjoy a variety of work experience opportunities

Another example of the variety of work experience we arrange for our students is the Orongo Bay Holiday Park in Russell.

Two students travelled to the Holiday Park in October, where they gained experience in a huge range of tasks, including office maintenance, phone and email communications, booking system training, housekeeping, weeding, community work, school holiday programme support, outdoor maintenance and even taking park in a guided kiwi tour.

Park manager Lani said of the students: “They both had an amazing attitude and work ethic and just got it done! I was extremely impressed with their approach to every task they were given and can see them both going very far in whatever they choose to do!”

How does work experience actually work at ITC?

Work experience enables our students to trial a sector of the industry and a region of NZ before they commit to a full-time role,” explains ITC’s Ceri Jenkins.

“The employment consultants and I meet with students at key points throughout their studies to discuss their future career options. Prior to their work experience we discuss which sector of the industry and which region of NZ or overseas they wish to work in so we can design their work experience placement to meet those goals.”

“Invariably many of our graduates are offered employment as a result of this work experience and some discover the sector and or the region they wish to work in doesn’t suit them. We then have a further discussion about other opportunities and assist them with applying for roles that better suit them.”

We also spoke to Mike Matata, our fantastic Whangarei tutor, about why it’s so important that students get the opportunity for a real-world work experience with ITC. 

“The most important part of my job is to prepare our next generation to become an effective employee within the travel and tourism industry. Most travel systems or technical applications in the industry are easily learnt, but more importantly, other skills that are required to successfully interact with both our customers and colleagues, in a professional environment,” he said.

“Communication and customer service skills are only just the tip of the iceberg, but it is only when they fully understand “The Total Experience” these students will be an important, valued and sought-after employee that many airlines, adventure tourism groups, travel agencies, cruise lines, hotels etc are looking for in a person. This is a big focus in my classroom and trying to prepare them the best way possible to improve and reach their career goals.”

Study with the college that truly prepares you for a career in travel and tourism

These students all studied at our Whangarei campus, but are getting jobs all over New Zealand and the world. It just goes to show that it’s all about what you study – not where you study – that will help you land the job of your dreams.

We’re enrolling for the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism right now, which starts on February 27 2023 in Whangarei. Get in touch to enrol today so you can study with the college that fully prepares you (and often gives you a foot in the door) for a career in travel and tourism.

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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