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Welcome back Laura: ITC graduate returns to pursue Disney dream

Posted on 16/10/2018 by

Laura Orsbourn hopes to work at Disney World after completing the New Zealand Diploma in Tourism Level 5.

After graduating with a Level 4 qualification seven years ago, Laura Orsbourn has returned to ITC to complete the New Zealand Diploma in Tourism Level 5.

Laura has spent the past seven years working in hotels, and is studying Level 5 to pursue her lifelong dream of working at Disney World.

“I have come back to ITC to apply for the Walt Disney Cultural Program 2020,” says Laura.

“To say I’m a Disney fan is an understatement. I’ve put my life on hold to work hard and achieve this dream of working at the Happiest Place on Earth.”

Returning to study after a long break can be challenging, but it’s often one of the best ways to advance your career, as it equips you with the skills necessary to progress into managerial roles.

“The difference between Levels 3, 4, and 5 is extreme. But what you gain from Level 5 is so worth putting in the time and effort for your future career,” says Laura.

The Level 5 Diploma covers topics such as human resources, marketing, strategic planning, finance, tourism legislation, IT, and management. It equips you with the confidence and knowledge to apply for promotions and climb the career ladder.

ITC Employment Consultant, Sarndra Stephens, applauds Laura for taking this step and investing in her future career.

“We’re really proud of Laura for believing in herself, investing in further education, and beginning the Level 5 Diploma, which is a challenging yet rewarding qualification,” says Sarndra.

“It’s a privilege and a joy to welcome her back to College after she’s spent seven years working in the industry, and we look forward to helping her achieve her Disney dream.”

Thanks to her seven years of industry experience, Laura has some excellent tips to share with her fellow students. She is a role model for people just at the beginning of their tourism careers.

“The tourism industry is fast-paced and one hell of a ride. You get to meet the most interesting people and listen to their stories,” says Laura.

“My advice to you? Jump on board and enjoy the ride. Take the time to appreciate the hard work in each job, because before you know it you’ll be climbing the ranks if you show passion and commitment.”

Laura adds that it’s important to have faith in your tutors because “they have the knowledge you need”.

“Trust your tutors. They are there to help you. If they tell you to take notes, just take the notes. If they tell you to put in the hours for assessments, they aren’t lying!”

She has one final piece of advice that anyone will benefit from remembering, no matter what stage of their career.

“Find your passion and put your whole heart into it. Nothing is more infectious than a smile and kind words travel further than a frown,” says Laura.

With that attitude, we have no doubt Laura will achieve her Disney dream, and much more. Welcome back Laura! It’s great to have you with us.

Are you thinking about returning to study? Read our blog post, 3 reasons to return to study after you’ve been working in the tourism industry, to learn more about how coming back to study Level 5 could be fantastic for your career.

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