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Want to be a flight attendant?

Posted on 24/08/2022 by

Thinking of becoming a flight attendant? ITC courses could help make your dream come true!

Being a flight attendant means travelling all the time, meeting new people, exploring new places, and being part of people’s incredible journeys and holidays. It’s no wonder so many people dream of becoming flight attendants here in New Zealand and around the world!

Many students who study with ITC and Study From Home go on to become cabin crew, so here’s a little more about how we prepare our students for these roles.

How studying with ITC can put you on the path to becoming a flight attendant

Earning a qualification in travel and tourism, such as our New Zealand Certificate in Travel and Tourism with a strand in Aviation or our New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Tourism & Travel will show your dedication to the industry, and gives you a solid foundation of knowledge in a range of topics you’ll need to know as a flight attendant.

This includes customer service, check-in procedures, international travel documentation, and much more.

Even though airlines don’t typically require qualifications in order to apply, it can give you a major edge over other applicants who have not studied travel and tourism.

Another major factor working in our graduates’ favours is the fact that we help our students to gain part time employment while they study with us. That means many of our students work in travel and tourism roles over the weekend (don’t forget, ITC is only four days per week, which allows our students time to hold down a part time job!).

Experience in a part time role that includes customer service is a huge benefit for anyone applying to become a flight attendant, as this experience is one of the biggest things any airline is looking for when employing new cabin crew.

Finally, studying with us means our Employment Consultant will work with you directly to help improve your CV, teach you tips and tricks for the interview process, and connect you with great potential roles in the industry. We are the only tertiary provider with a dedicated Employment Consultant for our students and graduates.

A shining referral from a major CEO

We offer our students the qualifications, experience, and support needed to work towards their dream careers, and we recently heard first-hand how effective that support really is.

In July, one of our newest students said the entire reason he signed up for the ITC course was because he met the CEO of a well-known airline who told him that ITC was the place to study to become a flight attendant.

It’s hard to find a better referral than that!

Of course, we work closely with many contacts in the industry, and they consistently recommend us to anyone looking to improve their career prospects in travel and tourism.

Try ITC through your high school

We have a fabulous opportunity for any year 12 or 13 student who would like to explore the wonderful world of a Cabin Crew member. This fun and engaging two-day short course is held in our Airport Training Centre and Aircraft Cabin on-site at our Central Auckland or South Auckland (Botany) Campus, and uses real on-board equipment.

This course offers 3 credits at level 3, and will help students walk away knowing what they need to work on to be eligible to apply to be a Flight Attendant. To find out more visit your careers department in school or email

Or, you can opt for a level 3 course for a full qualification you can earn in just 20 weeks.

Find our more by booking an Info Session, call toll free 0800 868747, or email

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