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Tips for juggling work and study

Posted on 14/11/2017 by

If you’d like to work and study at the same time, it’s important to have a plan. Read on for some tips on juggling the two commitments.

Working while you study is an excellent way to gain customer service experience, add to your CV, and keep your bank account looking healthy.

However, a part-time job can be time-consuming, so it’s important to avoid overcommitting yourself. Study should always come first!

It is possible to do both if you’re organised and motivated. In fact, we often encourage students to work a few hours a week so they can gain some real-world experience while they study.

Here are some tips for juggling work and study from Cathy Alder, one of our employment consultants.

Pay attention in class

Make the most of your time in class so you don’t have to study for hours in the evenings and weekends.

“I always tell students ‘if you do the work in the classroom, you won’t have to spend ages catching up outside the classroom – leaving you more time for work, family, and relaxing,” says Cathy.

Talk to your employer

Be honest with your employer about how much time you need to spend at College and studying at home. Most employers will be supportive of your studies and will try to offer you hours that suit your study schedule.

Keep your end goal in mind

Remember why you are studying – so you can get a better job in the industry. Don’t let a part-time job hold you back from completing your qualification.

“If your job impacts on your study, you may never finish and decrease your chances of getting that better job in the future,” says Cathy.

“Remember why you are doing this and keep the big picture in mind.”

Plan ahead in the evenings

Every evening, make a plan for the following day, including what you will wear. Do this as soon as you get home so then you can relax and enjoy your evening. It will also make the next morning less stressful.

Get enough sleep

“I can’t stress this enough,” says Cathy.

“We all need 7-8 hours sleep, and if we don’t get it then it will impact on how you cope with study and work.”

Stay positive

Finally, Cathy emphasises that a positive attitude will help carry you through some challenging times (which are bound to arise when you have a busy schedule).

“Keep a positive attitude no matter what, because this will help you keep on track. You will also create better relationships with employers, teachers, and family, and this could be what helps you get the dream job you really want.”

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