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Thinking of taking a gap year? Why not take it at ITC?

Posted on 16/12/2020 by

Thinking of taking a gap year in 2021? Why not take it at ITC?

The year 2020 was strange, difficult, and confusing. It’s no wonder than many young adults are feeling burnt out and unsure of what to do next.

In fact, we’ve heard that many students leaving school are thinking of taking a gap year while they figure out what to do. A gap year, but definition, is simply something that you do in between life stages.

That could be work, travel, or even – study.

Here’s what we’re hearing from students about the uncertainties of 2021, and why we think a ‘gap year’ at ITC could be the perfect way to fill your time.

Why are people not sure what to do in 2021?

After the year we’ve had, there are many reasons why it’s only natural to be concerned about what comes next.

For students who have had their learning disrupted by switching to Zoom classes, then heading back to school, there’s a concern that it could happen again should New Zealand need to go back into lockdown at some stage. For those who prefer to be in a physical classroom, this is especially tough.

For others, the worry is that they don’t know what’s happening in the industries they’re looking to work in. Some industries, such as hospitality and tourism, were negatively impacted in 2020, even though the domestic market is already bouncing back. This may be putting off those from beginning to study in these industries.

With all that uncertainty, a gap year may seem like the easiest choice. Just to sit back and cruise for a little while. Naturally, that’s leaving many parents and teachers concerned!

Why you should consider taking a gap year at ITC

A gap year can be a fantastic thing – a time spent in between different stages of life where you learn, grow, and prepare for the next steps. However, it can also end up being wasted time if the year is spent without making any progress at all.

We believe a year of study with ITC could be the perfect solution!

ITC offers courses in travel, tourism, and aviation. Students can study with us for just one year of level 3, or stay and continue with level 4 and 5 study as well.

These courses are highly relevant for the tourism industry, but are also extremely transferable, as the communication, customer service, and organisation skills learned all apply to countless other roles as well.

And even during 2020 lockdowns, ITC students were able to carry on and complete their studies. We quickly moved our courses online and offered extensive support for every one of our students to ensure the pandemic didn’t impact their ability to earn their qualifications.

Following a year of study with us, students can sign up for an international exchange with ITC. ITC works with The Broadmoor to place students in overseas jobs, which can range from four months to a full year. These opportunities cover 23 countries and cultures, and offer plenty of chances for travel and meeting people, all while learning a skill and gaining valuable industry experience.

Or after studying, students can also go on to work in the industry here in New Zealand, where tourism is already seeing an uptick thanks to the domestic market. However, by the time they graduate, the international market may well be opening up again and in desperate need of skills and qualified staff, meaning our graduates will be in a prime position to find work.

“If students study next year, they will be improving their future employment chances,” explained Ceri Jenkins, Key Stakeholder Manager at ITC. 

Starting in 2021, all of our courses will have a four-day study week. We’re making the switch to shorter weeks so students can enjoy a better study-life balance, and perhaps even take up part-time work on the side. Or, students can simply enjoy three-day weekends every week, allowing for plenty of relaxing downtime even as they work towards a qualification.

Not to mention, studying at ITC ticks many of the boxes that people considering gap years are looking for. Throughout our courses, students will have opportunities to travel around New Zealand and enjoy new experiences, they will make new friends, and have ample work opportunities.

With so many possibilities available with an ITC qualification, this year will also give students a chance to take some time to think about what they want to do next, be it go overseas, stay in New Zealand, study more, start work, or something else. It’s simply a way to spend that time in a valuable way that will help them take the next step, no matter what it is.

If you’re ready to spend a year learning, travelling, meeting people, and thinking about what to do next, an ITC qualification could be for you. Get in touch with any questions, or to start the enrolment process!

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or


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