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The countdown to our next level 3 start date begins!

Posted on 01/11/2022 by

Get excited! Our level 3 courses are starting soon.

Exactly three weeks from today, on November 21, our next level 3 courses will begin!

It’s not common for tertiary providers to offer courses starting so early in the summer, but we know that many students will be excited to get started, and keen to get qualified as soon as possible.

Here’s why it’s a great idea to kickstart your studies this month, and which options for courses are available to you.

Why start studying now?  

At the end of the school year, there’s a big rush with all of the exams and final projects, as well as goodbye parties and graduation. It’s a busy, busy time, so it’s no wonder so many students don’t think about what’s next until it’s all over.

So if you haven’t thought much about what comes next – don’t worry! By starting on November 21, our courses are designed so that you can finish up with high school then dive into earning a qualification with us straight away. Still have exams then? Don’t panic, we understand and will of course let you have that time off to complete your exams first, so you can catch up on our courses afterwards.

By getting started this month, you’ll be months ahead of others in your year who don’t get started until January or even February. That means you’ll finish your qualifications and graduate sooner, and perhaps even find a job sooner as well.

Are you worried about not having much of a break this summer? Keep in mind that our ITC courses are from Monday to Thursday, so you’ll have a three-day weekend every week. This gives you more time for a part-time job, hanging out with friends, or simply relaxing at home.

Finally, another great reason to start studying now is the secure 2022 fees! We know a lot of our new students are eligible for Fees Free. The government hasn’t decided what the Fees Free amount will be for 2023 yet, so the benefit of starting in 2022 is that you have total security over what your Fees Free will be.

What you can start studying on November 21st

There are two courses starting on November 21st to choose from.

The first course is the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Aviation, which is held at our South Auckland Campus. This is the course to choose if you’re thinking of working at an airport, as a flight attendant, or in any kind of aviation role.

The second option is the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Tourism and Travel, which is available at our Auckland City campus. This is a more general qualification, and will offer broader knowledge of the travel and tourism industry as a whole.

Both are excellent courses that will give you a great basic understanding of the industry, and will look incredible on your CV when you graduate. Many travel and tourism businesses around New Zealand know and trust the ITC name, so when they see one of our qualifications on your application, they’ll know you’ll be a great candidate for the job.

Need a break from studying?

We wish all students the very best with their final exams and the last few days of school.

If you’d like a quick break from studying, you can always book an Info Session to learn more about our courses, and even take a tour of your nearest campus for a look around and to see how it all works. You’re welcome to bring a friend or family member with you, and they can help you decide what to do once you’re finished with school.

Already know that you want to enrol? You can do that easily online too. Click here to complete our online enrolment form today.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions at all.

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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