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A day in the life of Tessa Henwood – ITC’s Head of Academic Services

Posted on 09/08/2016 by
Head of Academic Services Tessa Henwood with ITC Managing Director Kerry Priestley.

Head of Academic Services Tessa Henwood with ITC Managing Director Kerry Priestley at the 2015 Graduation Ceremony.

Known for her warm sense of humour, impeccable organisational skills, and infectious enthusiasm, Tessa Henwood is ITC’s Head of Academic Services. So what exactly does she do? Below she chats to Jess about her ‘not-so-typical typical day’ at work and shares some time management tips and tricks.

Describe your typical day

[Laughs]. I’m laughing because I don’t think I have a typical day! Every day is so random and different it’s crazy. Today, for example, I’ve got a half-eaten apple on my desk and a very cold coffee, because every time I go to do something there’s a student or tutor at my door. I love it though – and fortunately I actually quite like cold coffee. I’ve even been known to put ice cubes in it!

But there are some consistencies. I usually get into work at around 6:30am. Partly because I’m an early riser, and partly because I like to get in before everyone else. Generally that means I open the college, unlock all the classrooms and turn on all the lights. Then I get a coffee, turn on my computer, and check my emails. After that I check my calendar to see what I’ve got on in terms of meetings, and I use my calendar to plan my workload. I also have a written to-do list in my book. I would be lost without my to-do list!


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