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Highlights from Global Wednesday 2016

Posted on 26/07/2016 by
Global Wednesday 2016 was a day full of fun, food, and friendship.

Global Wednesday 2016 was a day full of fun, food, and friendship.

Every year the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) celebrates cultural diversity with a fun student event called ‘Global Wednesday’.

Students are put into groups, and each group is assigned a different country from around the world. They are then tasked with teaching their fellow students about this culture through preparing traditional meals, wearing authentic costumes, and delivering presentations.


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ITC students visit Auckland tourism hot spots for the 2016 Amazing Race

Posted on 05/04/2016 by
ITC Amazing Race Green Fairies

More than 200 brightly-clad ITC students hit the streets of Auckland in late March for the ‘Amazing Race’ student event.

On Wednesday March 23, ITC held one of its most popular annual student events: the Amazing Race.

Inspired by the television series of the same name, every year ITC organises a fun, fast-paced race around Auckland Central, as each team battles to win the coveted glory of being first across the finish line.

This year the day went well – despite the rain – with approximately 52 teams competing from both ITC’s City and South Auckland campuses.


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#ThrowbackTuesday: Easter at ITC throughout the years [photo blog]

Posted on 22/03/2016 by

With Easter weekend fast approaching (yay for short weeks!), we thought we’d do a little something different on the blog today and share some photos of our favourite ITC Easter memories!

We love celebrating holidays at the college (especially those that involve chocolate), and Easter is no exception. Enjoy this #ThrowbackTuesday photo edition – see if you can spot your tutors or friends?

Easter at ITC 2015

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ITC’s team building tenpin bowling fun

Posted on 10/11/2015 by
Students from ITC enjoy a fun day tenpin bowling at Metrolanes in Queen Street.

Students from ITC enjoy a fun day tenpin bowling at Metrolanes in Queen Street.

Last Tuesday students from the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) descended upon Metrolanes in Queen Street for a day of tenpin bowling fun.

Every class from the City Campus participated in this team building event, a wonderful opportunity for students to get to know each other outside of college.

ITC organises events like this every few months to help students to stay motivated and engaged. Just a few weeks ago, the South Auckland Campus organised an X-Factor competition for similar reasons. Sometimes a break from the classroom is the best thing for productivity levels.

“These events are a great chance for students to make new friends, improve their self-confidence and just generally have a bit of fun. After all, that’s what the tourism industry is about – working with people and having a great time!” says Tisi Tupou, Student Services Adviser.

What’s more, the better students get along, the more likely they are going to look forward to coming to college. Having a good group of friends in the classroom helps students stay on track. By the time graduation rolls around, most students have made lifelong friendships.

“It’s heart-warming to see friendships blossom around the college,” says ITC’s City Campus Manager Michelle Chatfield.

“As long as students are attending class on time, abiding by the college dress code and of course completing their work to a good standard, then we encourage them to have as much fun as possible while they’re here. Like Tisi said, tourism is a fun industry and we like to reflect this on campus.”

With the year nearly coming to an end, the next student event is likely to be Christmas related – watch this space!

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ITC Red Nose Day fun raises over $230 for Cure Kids

Posted on 01/09/2015 by
The generous students at ITC raised a total of $232.10 for Cure Kids on Red Nose Day

The generous students at ITC raised a total of $232.10 for Cure Kids on Red Nose Day

Students at the International Travel College (ITC) aren’t just known for their passion for airline, travel and tourism; they’re also gaining a reputation for being incredibly generous!

ITC regularly runs bake sales, mufti days and other student events to raise money for New Zealand charities. These events are a great way for students to socialise and have fun, while at the same time contributing to an important cause.

Friday August 21st was Red Nose Day, a fundraising campaign for Cure Kids New Zealand – the charity that funds important medical research into conditions that affect Kiwi kids.


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Ten Reasons Why the 2015 ITC Amazing Race was Amazing

Posted on 30/03/2015 by

At the International Travel College (ITC), we like to do some pretty amazing things.

Like take our students bungy jumping.

And Bridge Climbing.
Bridge Climbing

And White Water Rafting.
Rafting GIF

But there’s one annual event on our student calendar that is the most Amazing of them all… the ITC Amazing Race!

Every year we send our students on a hunt for clues around Auckland City. In 2015 we stepped the competition up a notch. Here’s ten reasons why the 2015 ITC Amazing Race was Amazing.

1. The Costumes Reached Superheroic Proportions

Batwoman. Captain America. The Hulk. Need we say more?

Batwoman, Captain America and The Hulk (more…)

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ITC Student “Olympics” a Success

Posted on 28/08/2012 by

Students from two Level 5 International Travel College classes organised a 2012 Olympics event at the college.

The event was conducted as a quiz session along the lines of TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

ITC tutor Lanthia Stewart oversaw the students’ organisation of the event and was impressed with the project management skills they demonstrated.

Lanthia initially briefed both classes on how to manage a project, and the students were asked to nominate and select a project manager by secret ballot.  Student Raffaela Macke was selected. 

Lanthia and tutor Jacques Janse Van Rensburg met with Raffaela and a team member from both classes to discuss the process and procedures to follow in managing a project.

“Raffaela then basically managed the whole project and event, with Jacues or I attending their progress meetings to provide guidance, advice and support,” says Lanthia.

“It was quite a challenge for them to decide on how they could run a really fun event without having the space to have any actual sporting events,” she says. “They settled on having an Olympics quiz, which was an excellent choice, as they could accommodate all the classes in the one student area.”

“To begin with they held a series of brainstorming sessions to decide on the activity, format, process, rules, criteria, prizes, judges, music, and team themes.”
“Then they identified all the tasks that needed to be performed, and grouped them under categories. The next step was to identify the people, resources and skills they had within the Level 5 classes, and to appoint teams with team leaders. They then allocated tasks with deadlines to each team and monitored and controlled the project with weekly meetings.”

Each class designed and dress a mascot to carry the class flag they created.

A “specialist” was nominated in each of the six categories: Ancient Olympic History, Modern Olympics, Olympic Destinations, Olympic Athletes, Olympic Flags, and Olympic Sports.

This team member sat in the “hot” seat and competed against the specialists from the other teams. 

Instead of using buzzers, it was the first contestant to hop on one leg and hold both hands in the air who was given the opportunity to select the correct answer from four possible choices. 

Contestants did not have the TV version’s options of asking the audience, 50/50 or phone a friend.
“The tutors entered a team, although they were not eligible for prizes,” says Lanthia. “The students had enormous fun watching the antics and the sometimes wrong answers of the tutor team!”

The prizes were:
 Best Mascot: One-day trip to Bay of Islands
Top team:  Return cruise tickets to Rotoroa Island
Second team: Single event tickets to Spookers
Third team: Movie tickets
Best class flag and mascot outfit design and production: Pizzas
“The whole event was a great success,” says Lanthia. “I was really impressed with the students’ maturity and competence. They all did an excellent job and everyone is anxiously awaiting the next student event!”


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Students Show The ITC Attitude at Hawaiian Evening

Posted on 10/08/2012 by

ITC students Sian and Natalia helped out recently at the Hawaii tourism showcase evening at the Hilton’s Auckland hotel. The evening was part of the Aloha Down Under 2012 Roadshow.

ITC regularly arranges onsite work experience like this to give students a chance to see what working in the industry is really like.

Sian and Natalia said that it was a “wonderful opportunity, which not only broadened our knowledge of Hawaii, but also allowed us to meet and make new friends and, more importantly, to be a part of the travel and tourism field for the night.”

The two met event organiser Jill at 2.30 pm at the Hilton. They got straight to work helping to set up the tables for the different agents from Hawaiian hotels, tour operators, transfer operators etc, who would be representing their companies at the event.

Next they set up their registration table at the main entrance with attendees’ name tags and got into the swing of things by donning their official Hawaiian print t-shirts and flower leis.

The students greeted the B2B group, who were there for the first hour-long session, handing them their name tags and leis.

Next to arrive were the agents from New Zealand, who were received with a traditional greeting from the Hawaiian team.

Natalia and Sian continued to greet guests and ensure that anyone who had come to the event dressed in the Hawaiian theme was given a ticket for the evening’s prize draw.

When most of the guests had arrived, Jill invited Natalia and Sian to sit with the audience and take in the evening’s presentation.

“We were also invited to join in on the food and drinks, as we were now ‘off duty’,” says Sian. “We had such a great evening. We learnt so much about the six islands of Hawaii and it was so cleverly presented that we were both sold on the idea of making a trip out there one day.”

At the end of the evening Natalia and Sian helped Jill to pack up even though she assured them they could leave, but in true ITC style the students said “we were more than happy to help her ‘close up shop’ quite simply because we had helped her ‘set up shop.’”

The evening held special interest for both students, as they are currently covering destination marketing in their ITC qualification.

“It was super to actually see how all the principles and methods we are being taught were being applied throughout the Hawaii tourism evening, ” said Sian. “We are very glad to have represented the college in the form of assistance, but, if anything, it was of more help to us.”

Thanks to Natalia and Sian for showing such great enthusiasm and professionalism at this event – this is exactly the kind of attitude that takes graduates far in the travel and tourism industry. Well done!



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A Journey Through 10 Countries… In Botany

Posted on 06/08/2012 by

Global Friday is ITC’s annual student event that takes the college on a whirlwind adventure through exotic countries exploring their cultures, festivities, language, and most importantly, their food! 

Each class draws a country to discover and share with the rest of the class. They are then given a designated area to transform into their selected country.

The aim is to enrich our knowledge of the travel and tourism industry that we are so passionate about – and to have a great deal of fun while we’re at it!
Thailand took us on a journey complete with two silent monks – we learnt that Tiger Woods’ mother is from Thailand and we enjoyed the delicious Thai green chicken curry.
The UK was all geared up for the Olympics – we learnt how to wave like the queen and had a performance by the “Spicy Girls”.
In the USA all the students were down in the ‘hood and some brave tutors joined in with the street style dancing.  There was pizza, doughnuts, Coca Cola and American brownies – the complete food pyramid for the nation!
Mexico was a fiesta with the whole class performing a Mexican line dance while we feasted on tacos, guacamole and spicy rice – it was absolutely delicious!
Japan was a sea of fluttering fans and giggling geishas – a tower of sushi, sweet and sour pork with rice and noodles and a shot of “sake” completed our trip to its wonderful shores.
Argentina presented an in-depth display of its culture and we got to try Argentinean hotdogs!
India was a sea of colour and incense, we had a dance performance that we all thought was amazing and the food was out of this world.  The best curry I have tasted in New Zealand!
Italy was famous for its scrumptious pizzas – they must have been delicious because by the time we got there they had all been eaten!
A student dressed in an abaya introduced Morocco to us; we sampled cous cous, hummus and Arabic sweets, which we washed down with delicious mint tea.
Last but not least, we journeyed to Greece – the land of Gods.  Interesting facts on the mythology of the Greek gods brought lots of laughter and ended with the Campus Manager being offered to Hades the God of the Underworld as a sacrifice!  Two couples performed a traditional Greek dance, which was followed by three male students performing a hilarious Greek line dance – lots of clapping, laughter and whistles echoed the airport area! A tower of Ferraro Roche chocolate with blue and white cupcakes, cheese and crackers and a Greek salad was laden upon tables for the students and tutors to devour.
A journey of a thousand miles through ten countries… and all at Botany Campus of The International Travel College of New Zealand.


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The Amazing Race – ITC Style

Posted on 15/03/2012 by

The International Travel College’s Amazing Race (based on the popular television show) has become a tradition at ITC’s City Road Campus.

For its fifth year the college decided to step it up a level and involve students from its Botany Campus as well. So with over 250 students, involved that meant it was the biggest Amazing race event in the ITC student calendar.

Over thirty-five teams joined in the madness, racing each other around Auckland’s CBD, following the clues that would reveal their final destination. The students knew there would be some awesome prizes and always keen to be competitive, the teams knew everything was at stake!!

The ITC Tutors were waiting at the finish line to receive the winning teams. First in was the City Road team “Holly Molly”; “Taparee” – also from City Road – came in second; and Botany team “Meow Meow” came third.

The students were dressed in some truly spectacular costumes representing this year’s Kiwiana theme. But the winning costume on the day was a City Road team whose members were dressed as pavlovas. Many of the students were also wearing ITC t-shirts made especially for the event. The creativity and lengths some of the teams had gone to was amazing!

ITC Marketing Director Claire Huxley says that the day was an incredible amount of fun, but it has other benefits as well.

“Amidst all the fun and laughter, the students were learning to work together to achieve a goal – it’s a really important part of our industry,” she says.

“Travel and tourism is an incredibly vibrant and lively industry to be in – but it also requires people to work well together. And it requires a great deal of enthusiasm – but I think it’s safe to say our students showed they have that!”


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