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ITC students enjoy confidence boost with X Factor fun

Posted on 29/09/2015 by
Every year the ITC Botany Campus holds an X Factor style competition for its students. This is a great way for them to learn how to work in a team and boost their confidence.

Every year the ITC Botany Campus holds an X Factor style competition. This is a great way for students to practice their teamwork skills and overcome stage fright.

“The tourism industry is all about people.” This is something ITC students hear multiple times from their tutors throughout their studies. ITC places a huge emphasis on customer service skills, as there’s nothing more important in the tourism industry than being able to work with a variety of different people – all while maintaining a bright smile and friendly attitude.

For some people, great customer service comes naturally, but for others – especially those who are shy – it can be hard to talk easily to strangers. The ITC tutors do their best to give shy students a confidence boost, through effective training and support.

However, sometimes the best confidence boosts come through trying something a little bit different!

Every year the ITC Botany Campus holds an ‘X Factor’ style competition. This student event is designed to be a bit of fun, but it has the added bonus of helping people overcome their stage fright and learn how to speak with confidence in front of crowds – a skill that is invaluable out in the industry.


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