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ITC launches NEW online certification: Winning With Customers

Posted on 06/06/2024 by

Our online Customer Service course offers a great way to try something new or level up your existing skills.

Winning With Customers is a brand new online course available through ITC right now. It’s a certificate that focuses on customer service, and is one of several new online courses, including Cabin Crew Online, Ground Crew Online, Cruise Online and Tour Guiding Online.

Taking this quick online course is the perfect introduction to customer service skills, whether you want to work in travel and tourism or practically any other industry!

And the best part is that anyone can take this course and earn an ITC certificate. You could be in high school, you could be finished with school and wondering what to do next, or you could already be in a career and want to either advance or try something new!

This course is also perfect for managers who want to offer personal development to their staff. It’s not only cost effective, but readily available online, and a great way to improve the customer experience at your business.

Here’s a little more about our customer service online course.


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ITC launches NEW online certification: Tour Guiding Online

Posted on 22/05/2024 by

Have you ever considered Tour Guiding as a career? Here’s your chance to see what it might be like!

Have you ever been on a tour, and wondered what it must be like for the tour guide? To spend every day showing visitors around something amazing, and perhaps even taking part in the activities yourself?

You could be on a boat, guiding visitors as they go whale and dolphin watching. Or perhaps you could be in the heart of a major city, showcasing some of the best sights and attractions?

The job of a tour guide is never a dull one, and if it has ever appealed to you, you can now study a course that will introduce you to Tour Guiding as a career with ITC.


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ITC launches NEW online certification: Ground Crew Online

Posted on 08/05/2024 by

Is Ground Crew for you? Take our new online course to find out!

Getting started in a career, or even changing a career, can be a big step. It means taking a chance on something new and working hard for your goals.

So how can you know if it’s the right step for you?

One way is to take a short online course, which gives you an introduction to the subject and what it might be like to work in that industry. That’s why we’ve created an all-new Ground Crew Online Course, which is designed to give people an insight into working in this part of the travel and aviation industry.


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ITC launches NEW online certification: Cabin Crew Online

Posted on 01/05/2024 by

Ever wonder what it might be like to work in cabin crew? Our new online short course could be the perfect introduction.

Have you ever wanted to test out studying travel and tourism? Wanted to dip your toes in before enrolling for a full qualification, or trying to get a job in the industry?

Our brand new online certification course could be perfect for you!


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