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You are worth it! The ITC and Study From Home team shares wisdom and inspiration

Posted on 15/06/2023 by

The entire team at ITC and Study From Home supports you and believes in you. Today we’re sharing our top inspirational quotes and knowledge to help you in your journey!

One of the many special parts about being a student with ITC or Study From Home is that the tutors, advisors, employment consultants – the entire team – truly cares about your journey.

We often interview graduates to share their stories, and that often happens because we’re keeping in touch anyway. This is a college where the team regularly goes above and beyond to help you through your studies, support you in your job search, and celebrate with you in your successes.

So to remind you of just how much you’re worth it, the team got together to share their incredible wisdom, things they have learned from their careers, and favourite inspirational quotes. (more…)

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‘Three lessons I learned running the Everest Marathon’ – Mel Fey

Posted on 21/06/2016 by
ITC Tourism Education Team Leader Mel Fey strikes a pose on her trek up to Base Camp.

ITC Tourism Education Team Leader Mel Fey strikes a pose on her trek up to Everest Base Camp.

ITC Tourism Education Team Leader Mel Fey recently ran the Everest Marathon in Nepal; a 42.2km high-altitude run from Base Camp to Namche Bazaar. Below, she shares three life lessons she learned during this incredible, challenging, life-changing experience.

1. You’re always capable of more than you think you are

You read stories all the time of amazing people who, sometimes against all odds, achieve amazing goals. And you might think, “Oh, but I couldn’t do that…”

I’m here to tell you that you can. Don’t sell yourself short. You can achieve anything you want to. You cannot possibly just sit and wait for the impossible to happen without a little hard work.  I always say ‘you cannot make diamonds without a little pressure’.  You need to prepare, work hard or train and participate.

You may not win the race like me but you certainly win in achieving the goals of your dreams.


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Study for free at ITC!

Posted on 04/12/2014 by

Are you passionate about travel? Motivated to succeed? Love learning? Then you might want to apply for a 2015 scholarship at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC).

We are looking for talented, ambitious individuals who are keen to make their mark on the airline, aviation, travel or tourism industries. If this sounds like you, you could qualify for a scholarship to study for free at ITC.


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