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ITC Industry News Bulletin #48

Posted on 28/04/2016 by

This week, New Zealanders weigh in on the tourism industry and visitor numbers are up around the country.


Auckland New Zealand

What Kiwis think of their own tourism industry

More than 1,000 New Zealanders were recently asked about their opinions on the local tourism industry in two surveys conducted by Tourism New Zealand and the Tourism Industry Association (TIA). The research, titled ‘Mood of the Nation’, sought to understand Kiwis’ perceptions about the industry as visitor numbers soar to ever-increasing heights.

As it turns out, Kiwis are largely positive about the trend, but they have outlined a few concerns. These concerns stem from issues such as the potential for a negative environmental impact, road safety, and lack of accommodation.

Chris Roberts, chief executive for the TIA, explained the results by saying “every day, in every region of New Zealand, visitors are having a positive impact. And it’s great that Kiwis want to be welcoming hosts. Manaakitanga is what makes the New Zealand visitor experience unique”.

Manaakitanga is the Maori word for hospitality and kindness.


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