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A Journey Through 10 Countries… In Botany

Posted on 06/08/2012 by

Global Friday is ITC’s annual student event that takes the college on a whirlwind adventure through exotic countries exploring their cultures, festivities, language, and most importantly, their food! 

Each class draws a country to discover and share with the rest of the class. They are then given a designated area to transform into their selected country.

The aim is to enrich our knowledge of the travel and tourism industry that we are so passionate about – and to have a great deal of fun while we’re at it!
Thailand took us on a journey complete with two silent monks – we learnt that Tiger Woods’ mother is from Thailand and we enjoyed the delicious Thai green chicken curry.
The UK was all geared up for the Olympics – we learnt how to wave like the queen and had a performance by the “Spicy Girls”.
In the USA all the students were down in the ‘hood and some brave tutors joined in with the street style dancing.  There was pizza, doughnuts, Coca Cola and American brownies – the complete food pyramid for the nation!
Mexico was a fiesta with the whole class performing a Mexican line dance while we feasted on tacos, guacamole and spicy rice – it was absolutely delicious!
Japan was a sea of fluttering fans and giggling geishas – a tower of sushi, sweet and sour pork with rice and noodles and a shot of “sake” completed our trip to its wonderful shores.
Argentina presented an in-depth display of its culture and we got to try Argentinean hotdogs!
India was a sea of colour and incense, we had a dance performance that we all thought was amazing and the food was out of this world.  The best curry I have tasted in New Zealand!
Italy was famous for its scrumptious pizzas – they must have been delicious because by the time we got there they had all been eaten!
A student dressed in an abaya introduced Morocco to us; we sampled cous cous, hummus and Arabic sweets, which we washed down with delicious mint tea.
Last but not least, we journeyed to Greece – the land of Gods.  Interesting facts on the mythology of the Greek gods brought lots of laughter and ended with the Campus Manager being offered to Hades the God of the Underworld as a sacrifice!  Two couples performed a traditional Greek dance, which was followed by three male students performing a hilarious Greek line dance – lots of clapping, laughter and whistles echoed the airport area! A tower of Ferraro Roche chocolate with blue and white cupcakes, cheese and crackers and a Greek salad was laden upon tables for the students and tutors to devour.
A journey of a thousand miles through ten countries… and all at Botany Campus of The International Travel College of New Zealand.


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