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Ten Reasons Why the 2015 ITC Amazing Race was Amazing

Posted on 30/03/2015 by

At the International Travel College (ITC), we like to do some pretty amazing things.

Like take our students bungy jumping.

And Bridge Climbing.
Bridge Climbing

And White Water Rafting.
Rafting GIF

But there’s one annual event on our student calendar that is the most Amazing of them all… the ITC Amazing Race!

Every year we send our students on a hunt for clues around Auckland City. In 2015 we stepped the competition up a notch. Here’s ten reasons why the 2015 ITC Amazing Race was Amazing.

1. The Costumes Reached Superheroic Proportions

Batwoman. Captain America. The Hulk. Need we say more?

Batwoman, Captain America and The Hulk (more…)

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