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A Disney Program recruiter shares what’s new, and what he’s most looking forward to post-covid

Posted on 03/08/2021 by

Working overseas at Walt Disney World has long been a favourite programme for ITC students.

Every year, the Disney exchange program is a popular option for ITC students.

It offers young students the change to work abroad in Walt Disney World, earning valuable experience, practicing transferrable skills, and meeting people from all over the globe in one of the most magical settings on the planet.

While the program sadly came to a halt due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean it won’t be back one day in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, we chatted with Disney program recruiter Joe Iglecia-Scholl about what’s happening with the program right now, what he’s looking forward to seeing as the world recovers, and what students and parents need to know if they’re considering the program in the future. (more…)

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My Disney Experience

Posted on 03/02/2015 by
Jordana Grace (in the green and black dress) with friends and Donald Duck at Disney World, Orlando

Jordana (in the green and black dress) with friends and Donald Duck at Disney World, Orlando

ITC Graduate Jordana Grace has been living and working at Disney World, Orlando for the past six months. As her adventure comes to an end, she reflects on the amazing experience.

If someone came up and told me a year ago when I started at ITC, that when you finish there you will have a job at Disney World, I probably would have laughed at them and been like yeah right. But that all changed when I found a job vacancy on the notice board that said they were looking for people to apply for the Disney college program so I decided that I would go for it. (more…)

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