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Your ticket to Disney: Studying our Level 4 Certificate in Travel!

Posted on 24/04/2024 by

See yourself working for Disney? Our Level 4 course could be your pathway!

Have you ever read through our blogs about students going on the Disney Cultural Exchange Program and wished that could be you?

Well here’s the secret – there really is no secret!

To be eligible, you’ll simply need to study our Level 4 Certificate in Travel. Not only is this course enrolling now for a start date in late May, there are also plenty of other fantastic reasons why this certificate is well worth studying.


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Meet one of our successful Disney Exchange applicants: Bea Terreblanche

Posted on 02/08/2023 by

Bea enjoying her time on an ITC trip at the Hamilton Gardens.

For the last few months, we’ve been interviewing graduates who went through the Disney Exchange Program as part of our ‘Adventures After Disney’ series.

Now, we’re excited to introduce a one of the successful applicants for the 2023 Disney Exchange Program: Bea Terreblanche.

Bea will soon be jet-setting off to the United States to work in a variety of roles for Disney. She will gain a huge amount of experience in different parts of travel and tourism, and no doubt meet many other incredible young people from around the world who are embarking in this experience with her.

Before she heads away, we caught up with Bea to ask her a few rapid-fire questions about her upcoming trip.


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Meet the student who has blown away her tutor with her dedication and hard work

Posted on 04/10/2022 by

Mele worked incredibly hard, and recently made it to the Disney Cultural Exchange programme!

Every day, students at ITC and Study From Home impress our tutors and staff. But every now and then, we see a student go above and beyond, or make incredible achievements that blow us all away.

Recently, ITC tutor Inder Singh highlighted the inspirational journey of his student Mele Feiloakitau. Inder said that Mele has “gone the extra mile and surprised me with her admirable hard work”.

Any student who impresses a tutor that much is worth celebrating, so here’s a little more about Mele’s success story.


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Counting down the minutes: 4 incredible ITC students are heading away to the Disney Cultural Exchange program!

Posted on 17/08/2022 by

Four talented ITC graduates have been accepted into the Disney Cultural Exchange program.

In April, we were excited to announce that the Disney Cultural Exchange program was once again getting started after taking a break during the pandemic. Not to mention, ITC was thrilled to know that we are one of their preferred providers!

Now, we’re counting down the minutes until four of our wonderful graduates head overseas to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Here’s a little more about the program and the four amazing students soon to be packing their bags for the trip.


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Disney celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

Posted on 20/04/2022 by

Walt Disney World in Florida is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th anniversary, which is big news for the tourism industry, and for some of our wonderful ITC graduates.

The celebrations began in October last year, and will run throughout 2022 and into the start of 2023 as this beloved worldwide brand marks half a century of entertainment and joy.

Here’s a little more about the celebrations, and why it matters for tourism and ITC. (more…)

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The Disney Cultural Exchange is relaunching!

Posted on 12/04/2022 by

The Disney Cultural Exchange is relaunching, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Disney Cultural Exchange has long been one of the most exciting options for ITC graduates, and we have missed it greatly while it has been unavailable during the pandemic.

But now, we couldn’t be more excited to learn that the Disney Cultural Exchange is relaunching!

This is a very limited relaunch for now, so it is only available through partner providers such as ITC. Here’s a little more about what it all entails. (more…)

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A Disney Program recruiter shares what’s new, and what he’s most looking forward to post-covid

Posted on 03/08/2021 by

Working overseas at Walt Disney World has long been a favourite programme for ITC students.

Every year, the Disney exchange program is a popular option for ITC students.

It offers young students the change to work abroad in Walt Disney World, earning valuable experience, practicing transferrable skills, and meeting people from all over the globe in one of the most magical settings on the planet.

While the program sadly came to a halt due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean it won’t be back one day in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, we chatted with Disney program recruiter Joe Iglecia-Scholl about what’s happening with the program right now, what he’s looking forward to seeing as the world recovers, and what students and parents need to know if they’re considering the program in the future. (more…)

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Meet Stacey Elie: The graduate who landed on her feet after covid derailed her plans

Posted on 27/07/2021 by

ITC graduate Stacey Elie spent two months at Disney before the pandemic interrupted her exchange.

Stacey Elie is a wonderful recent ITC graduate who was living the dream, working at the Disney Exchange Program, when the pandemic broke out.

Despite this upset, Stacey managed to return to New Zealand and land an incredible new role in tourism thanks to her own hard work and ITC’s support. 

Learn a little more about Stacey’s journey, what she’s up to now, and her advice for students. (more…)

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