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Study with ITC & get some of your fees for free!

Posted on 19/06/2024 by

ITC will remain a Fees Free provider in 2025!

When the ‘Fees Free’ program first came into place in New Zealand, it meant that tertiary students (those studying at universities and colleges like ITC) could get their first year of fees paid for by the government.

There have recently been some changes made to this policy, so from 2025, students will now be able to have their final year of fees paid for.

So what does this mean for ITC students?

Study with ITC and the Fees Free Program

Many students who enrol with ITC only do one year study. That’s because the majority of our courses only take six months to a year to complete.

So if you’re thinking of enrolling with ITC to study a level 3 course, then you plan to graduate and start work, that would count as your ‘final year of study’, and therefore the course fees would be covered!

In fact, you could even technically study a level 3 course and a level 4 course in the same year, and all those fees would also be covered!

Therefore, most of our students will be able to take advantage of this program and enjoy having their fees paid for.

For students doing multiple courses over several years or studying for longer qualifications, such as our level 5 diploma, they will still be able to apply to have their final year’s costs refunded upon successful completion.

The biggest difference with the updated Fees Free Program

There is one big difference with this new update – that the fees will now only be paid upon successful completion of your final year of studies.

Before, students could get this payout practically immediately, so they wouldn’t have to take out a loan with StudyLink to pay for their course costs (or pay for it with their own money).

Now, students will need to first take out a loan, complete the course successfully, then get the Fees Free repayment.

Navigating student loans

As always, our team will be on hand to help students understand and navigate the process for applying for loans and benefitting from the Fees Free program.

We’re excited to see the program continue as it offers a huge help to students in covering the costs of their studies, and it’s a great incentive to finish the course with a successful completion!

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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