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Qantas staff inspired and energised after ITC PD day

Posted on 20/08/2019 by

ITC recently hosted a Professional Development day for Qantas call centre staff.

One little-known fact about ITC is that we run professional development days with the likes of Explore Group NZ and Qantas.

Recently, staff from the Qantas call centre came into ITC for a fun day of training and team bonding.

The workshop was led by Daniel Maine, whose main role is short course tutor and marketing support. 

Daniel is known for his enthusiasm, energy, and awesome sense of humour – and this workshop certainly ticked all of those boxes.

“The Qantas team ended the day feeling energetic, positive, and proud of themselves. They loved ITC, our Airport Training Centre, and all of the fun activities,” says Daniel.

Daniel admits that some of the staff thought they were in for a boring day of training – so were very happy to find out that ITC simply doesn’t do ‘boring!’

“They were worried about the visit thinking they’d be stuck in the classroom all morning. What they got instead was a fun-filled rainbow experience,” says Daniel.

The theme was ‘It’s All About You’ and one word that kept coming up often was ‘inspiration’.

“They truly felt inspired talking to our students. This session was exactly what they needed to refresh, restart and become a leader for the day.” 

Check out some of the photos from this epic day below:

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