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New feedback reveals what our students really think about ITC!

Posted on 03/07/2024 by

Our ITC students seem to be pretty happy. See some of their reviews below!

At ITC, we’re constantly thinking about ways we can offer a better education and a better service for our students.

We’re staffed entirely by a team of people passionate about travel and tourism, with more than 250 years of combined experience in the industry! We have a dedicated Employment Consultant who works with students to help them find and gain roles during and after study, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the everyday experiences of our students.

So, does all that effort pay off? We asked our students, and here’s some of the comments we received in our most recent feedback…

ITC students’ feedback

“On my first day at the travel collage, I was super shy and nervous to interact with everyone in my class. I started off very introverted and didn’t really put myself out there and talk to anyone. As I got to know my class I made heaps of friends and became pretty close with everyone. I used to struggle with stage fright (or just anxiety) when it came to public speaking. My tutor Take (as we like to call him) made us all feel super comfortable and relaxed. He made sure we knew that the space was very safe and that there was no judgement. I can now proudly say that majority of my anxiety had gone and I’m pretty comfortable when it comes to talking to others and/or in front of a crowd. Take took our assessments slow and made sure that EVERYONE knew exactly what they needed to do in order to pass too.

One thing I love about the area as a whole is when I show up to class I am immediately greeted by all the staff whether it’s a friendly smile, wave, or a “good morning”. The staff are all super nice and approachable and are constantly popping their heads into class to see how we’re all doing.

Overall one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life. Each day is a new fun experience.” – Chloe

“I absolutely have never felt more welcomed and cared for then at this institute, the tutors go out of their way to make you learn the best way you can learn. Our tutors work around different activities for everyone to be able to get involved and enjoy. So far I have loved all the staff here and everything we learn.” – Paris.

“Lovely tutors and so many opportunities to get into the industry you want.” – Susan

“Staff are awesome and the college has allowed me to start dreaming big!” – Ebony

“It is an excellent campus with all the facilities needed for learning, such as the model airport and aircraft.” – David

“Best College Ever! I learnt lots from all the friendly tutors at this campus.” – Riley

“Been studying here since February and loving it. The staff and the people here are all lovely with tutors that help you along the way.” – Georgina

“I love studying here, it’s not too far from where I live, even though I’m in south Auckland. There are many ways to pay to come here and they explain all the options to you. It’s very clear and concise when and where you need to be. I’m very lucky to attend here. I’m learning things about my future job so closely it’s as if I’m already working there. We get so many opportunities to meet with people in the industry.” – Soraya

“Great tutors and great opportunities to learn, highly recommended for getting educational experience in tourism. Studied for level 3 and planning on going back for level 4” – Ryan

“Lovely people, lovely environment. Outstanding overall. Highly recommended for those who want to enter the Tourism and Travel industries!” – Shae

“Everyone is super nice and approachable. I feel super comfortable asking questions and the learning environment is relaxed and fun. The tutors are very helpful and understanding, super glad I chose this pathway for myself and I’m excited to see where it takes me. We go on some pretty cool trips too which is exciting.” – Chloe

“Mike has been a wonderful tutor. Very inspiring and informative he motivates me to want to do better. Love the course and what I’ve learnt so far can’t wait for level 4.” – Daejah

Study From Home feedback

“I was so unsure at first if certificate in Tourism level 3 was what I was wanting to study as it has been a dream for a few years and having so much going on I just kept putting it off but I finally took the plunge and jumped in and enrolled, having Toni and Lynelle as tutors totally made it so much easier, they are both amazing, they were supportive in so many ways. So a big thank you to you both for having my back and helping me get through the times when I just felt like giving up and I am now enrolling to do my level 4.” – Annamaria

“I love studying with ITC because I am able to go at my own pace and the tutors are very supportive I have learnt so much already I am so excited to see what is next I am loving studying with you guys and I have got so many people to study with ITC nxt year which is so exciting.” – Amelia

“I recently completed a six-month online course with ITC, and I am pleased to share my experience.  Overall, my experience with ITC was highly positive. The course equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge, making me feel more confident and prepared for a career in the travel and tourism industry. I would highly recommend this program to anyone passionate about international travel and looking to advance their education in this field. And I would continue to further my education with ITC.” – Nesha

Find out what ITC is like for yourself

Our reviews are exceptional, and we couldn’t be happier that our students are happy!

We don’t know how many colleges and universities can claim the same levels of satisfaction around New Zealand, but we suspect we’re doing extremely well.

If you’d like to see what it’s like to study with a college that leaves students feeling qualified, confident, and excited for more studies, you can learn more about enrolling here. Our next intakes are in July, so you could start studying this time next month! 

Or get in touch with any comments or concerns on our contact page here.

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