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My Dream Job: Snow Travel Specialist

Posted on 07/02/2017 by

ITC graduate Tammy Bakker has every snow bunny’s dream job – she works as a Snow Travel Specialist for travel&co.

Love hitting the slopes in winter? Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, you’ll probably be envious of Tammy Bakker. An ITC graduate, she works as a Snow Travel Specialist for travel&co.

We caught up with Tammy to find out more about this dream job.

Where it all began

Tammy graduated from ITC in 2012 and began working at Thrifty Car Rental as a Customer Service Representative. After seven months at Thrifty, she moved into a sales support role at travel&co.  Two years later, she was promoted to the exciting role of Snow Travel Specialist.

What is a Snow Travel Specialist?

Tammy’s job is to promote and sell ski holidays around the world. Every year, she gets to go on a ski holiday to learn more about the destinations she’s selling – an awesome perk of the job.

“Every year, I get sent overseas to a different destination in Canada, Japan or the US, so I can experience the holiday firsthand,” says Tammy.

“I’ve been to Whistler Ski Resort and Explore Vancouver in Canada, and somewhere new is on the agenda this year.”

Every day is an adventure

For Tammy, the best part of the job (after the amazing travel perks, of course) is helping people go on adventures.

“I really love being a part of someone’s holiday – making it happen is so rewarding,” she says.

She also loves the excitement of the travel industry.

Tips for ITC students

Tammy’s best advice for ITC students is to “keep your options open”.

“Definitely explore your options as the travel and tourism industry is so huge,” advises Tammy.

You never know what opportunity might be around the corner.

The International Travel College of New Zealand is enrolling now for 2017. Get in touch today to kickstart your career in the exciting airline, travel and tourism industry.

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