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Meet the ITC graduate working in New York

Posted on 28/05/2019 by

ITC graduate Rachel Beausang is the USA Corporate Sales Account Manager for Norwegian Air.

A qualification from The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) sets you up for an international career.

We have students working in all corners of the globe, including Dubai, Australia, Tahiti, India, and even New York.

Rachel Beausang is the USA Corporate Sales Account Manager for Norwegian Air. She’s had a varied and illustrious career since she graduated from ITC in 2002.

We recently interviewed Rachel about her incredible career. Below, she shares insight into how she got to where she is today, as well as some tips for future and current students.

Tell us a bit about yourself. When did your travel adventure start?

“I have been travelling since I was 18. I left New Zealand quite early in my life, then I returned and completed a course with ITC. I was so passionate about travel. As long as I had a pack on my back and a plane ticket, I was in my element.”

What kind of jobs did you get after graduating?

“I’ve worked as a travel agent, marketing manager, travel agency manager, event planner, and sales rep. I’ve also done logistics for events. Learning all the fundamentals of travel at ITC guided me to the possibilities, and they were endless.”

What inspired you to study at ITC?

“The person who greeted me at the desk. She was confident and answered my every question. I had been at university and I was so disillusioned by study and ITC provided the right tools to guide me. I excelled and had the best classmates. I loved every minute of it.”

Tell us about your current job for Norwegian Air. How did you get the job and what’s it like?

“Well, I have to say the travel industry is so small, you need to make sure you don’t burn your bridges as people pop up all over the place. I was recommended for this role (USA Corporate Sales Account Manager for Norwegian Air) through an old colleague/friend. I thought I would never get this role as I haven’t been in sales for years, but I LOVED Norwegian Air. I had watched them grow through the years I spent in Europe and I feel extremely lucky to now be a part of their global family. It’s so excited to work and travel and meet soooo many people. I’m incredibly lucky, but hard work, determination and an open mind help I guess?”

What’s it like to live and work in New York?

“New York IS expensive! More than anywhere I’ve lived. But it’s electric and inspiring and it’s go-go-go all the time. We live in the village, so it’s kind of a quiet bubble in the middle of Manhattan.”

How did you ‘crack’ the international scene? Do you have any advice for students who want to work abroad?

“Just do it. Apply for your visa to anywhere, you will find your way and your niche if you have an open mind, hard work ethic, and are friendly. People find you, and to be honest, one thing I learned about travelling is you never travel alone. You always meet people along the way. You never know what will happen.”

Do you have any other advice for students starting out in their travel and tourism career?

“Never turn down an opportunity, it can lead to great things!”

Lastly, what are words you strive to live by?

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

Are you inspired by Rachel’s story? ITC is enrolling now. Get in touch today to find out how we can get your airline, travel and tourism career off to a flying start.

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