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Meet ITC graduate Maud Dovil: “I miss studying at ITC”

Posted on 03/09/2020 by

ITC graduate Maud Dovil (centre) says studying at ITC was such an awesome experience she’d do it all over again.

ITC graduate Maud Dovil says the staff at ITC made her studying experience so enjoyable and rewarding – to the point she misses coming to campus every day!

“Studying is not easy, but at ITC you are actually followed by the tutor and get the support you need,” says Maud.

“Being a student at ITC was fun. ITC prepares you for your career in the tourism industry. From organising special events where we enjoy learning from different cultures, organising CV workshops, famil trips around the country, to role plays in almost real business situations.”

“Being at ITC, you also get the chance to meet people from around the world and also from New Zealand. If I had to redo it again I would, without any hesitation. I really wish I had continued on to a Level 6 and 7 as I actually miss studying at ITC!”

A particular highlight for Maud was the staff, who she says were all supportive, uplifting, and encouraging during her studies.

“The staff are just awesome, different personalities and cultures, and all fun,” she reflects.

She recalls each of her relationships with staff fondly:

“Andrew and John teach IATA in a super good and fun way. (Thank you because I would have not passed the exam without you).”

“Sarah is fun and great at teaching, I was part of her first class at ITC and she was absolutely great (I miss her!!). I know that if students need support she will go the extra mile to help them.”

“Jacques is awesome. He was always straight to the point, fun, and referring to real examples. It makes you understand easily how the industry works.” 

Takeyuki was the teacher that took us on our Famil Trip up to the Bay of Islands. Absolutely loved it! He is so cool and really approachable. Even though we did not know him at all before that, he considered us as his own students and that was really pleasant to feel part of a big class.”

“Inder has his way of teaching which includes a lot of real situation examples, he’s a really good academic teacher.”

“Catherine, Michelle and Lesley are not tutors, but they play a big role in getting ITC running and they do it perfectly. From organising all the workbooks to managing the campuses and making our experience amazing.” 

“Sarndra is awesome and goes the extra mile whenever it is possible. She has helped me a lot with my cv, cover letter and finding employment (thank you).”

But her biggest highlight of all? Maud loves that graduation doesn’t end with goodbye, but that ITC staff continue to be there to support all graduates into the future.

“Even though you are not a student anymore at ITC, you still get their support, which is amazing to be honest,” says Maud.

Maud is now happy in her career as a Travel Consultant within the tourism industry – a role which she found after enjoying one-week work experience organised by ITC itself. With the recent completion of her Level 5 qualification which includes management training, she knows if she needs ITC’s support in the future, we’ll be right here to help.

Are you inspired by Maud’s story? Get in touch today to learn more about studying at ITC. 

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