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Meet Camille Gale: The graduate whose career improved thanks to covid-19!

Posted on 17/03/2021 by

Camille Gale’s career actually improved thanks to covid-19!

The coronavirus has been a major upheaval for us all, especially for many in the tourism industry.

However, we recently spoke to one student who has found the silver lining amidst the changes of the past year, and who has actually found that her career has benefitted from the pandemic.

Here’s our chat with Camille Gale, including her thoughts on what’s next for New Zealand tourism, and her advice for future students!

What have you been up to since ITC? 

I have been working part-time at Snow Planet as a rentals attendant getting customer service experience, which is an amazing thing to have on any CV, however, it is even more important in the travel and tourism industry.

I went on to further studies and am currently completing my Level 5 Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management. I would highly recommend studying travel and tourism – you will not regret it.  

How did covid-19 impact your career?

Covid-19 has only enhanced my career. It has given me an opportunity to study and grow my knowledge of the industry while having hands-on experience. The borders will open again and when they do, we will have an influx of travellers wanting to travel the country which will help the industry. Domestic travel is booming now. My current workplace is constantly booked up with a waiting list for snow instructors. This just gives you an idea about how popular domestic travel is becoming.  

What did ITC do for you personally or professionally? 

ITC helped me grow as an individual and as a professional. You will have a bond with your classmates that you would not have had at school. The relationship between you and your tutor will be open and professional and something you will cherish forever.  

What are your ultimate career goals? 

I have always and still want to be a flight attendant for Air New Zealand. They will be wanting new employees soon as many current attendants have retired a little birdie has told me, so all is not lost!

What do you think is next for New Zealand’s tourism industry? 

Domestic tourism. Covid-19 has opened Kiwis’ eyes to the beauty of their own country. People are keener to travel the South Island to places like Queenstown rather than going overseas. There is so much to see and do! 

What advice do you have to give those out there considering studying with ITC? 

Make friends with your tutor, they have inside knowledge of the industry you will not find anywhere else. 

Ready to make your start in the tourism industry like Camille? Get in touch to chat about our courses, where they can take you, and enrolling.

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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