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Meet 5 Whangarei students heading away on overseas exchanges!

Posted on 08/11/2023 by

Tutor Mel with the wonderful Whangarei students.

Going on an overseas exchange is something that many ITC students aspire to. Our connections with international groups, knowledge of the industry, and assistance in helping students apply for and land these amazing positions, all mean that we often see our graduates successfully apply for these roles.

In fact, we currently have five students from our Whangarei campus set to head off overseas to gain incredible experience and knowledge. They are Portia Suckling, Stella Panui-Park, Kayleigh Johns, Jack Potter, and Trinity Rule.

We chatted to them to ask about their time at ITC and their hopes for their upcoming trips.

How did your adventure begin with us at ITC? How did you first hear or experience our college?

I heard about ITC at Whangarei High School to do a short course at the Whangarei campus in my last year of high school.” – Portia

“I had seen the ITC Disney on Instagram and stuff then my dad took me to a careers advisor and she introduced me to the tourism course” – Stella

“One of my close friends signed up, after hearing about it from her I talked to Ceri and got myself all signed up.” – Kayleigh

“I heard about ITC from Ceri when he came into Kamo High School for a work day.” – Trinity

What do you think ITC does different from other education providers?

Pushes you to explore lots of options in the tourism industry and actually wants you to do well.” – Portia

“I like how the manuals can be found online in an organised way” Stella

“Provides a large support system, and many opportunities for growth.” – Kayleigh

“Focuses on one on one learning to ensure each student is learning a lot along the way.” – Jack

“I feel that ITC is more of a family and is very supportive of you if you have things going on outside of course.” – Trinity

What is your fondest memory of ITC?

The expo in Auckland at the ITC campus was my fondest memory as we got to actually meet the team down there and meet other classes and organisations.” – Portia

“I loved going to Auckland to see and hear all the different companies mottos and stuff, it opened my mind to more opportunities” – Stella

“My fondest part of my journey so far is the Auckland exhibition, it gave our students a chance to put everything we learned from our tutor in practice.” – Kayleigh

“Jumping off the Harbour Bridge” – Jack

“My best part had to be the expo days down in Auckland and seeing how many different things there are to do in this industry.” – Trinity

What is your next/current adventure after ITC?

“Ocean Reef Club.” – Portia

“Next year I am going to America through IWH and I am going to work at the Big Cedar Lodge” – Stella

“I will head over to USA to work as an activities agent at Big Cedar Lodge.” – Kayleigh

“Working overseas with IWH. This opportunity would not have been possible without ITC.” – Jack

“My next adventure is going to Miami for work at the Ocean Reef Club as a waitress/hostess.” – Trinity

Following on from the previous question about your next or current adventure, what will a typical day look like for you on this adventure?

Waking up in a different country and going to work with a bunch of different people from all around the world. Serving customers and being able to interact with them. Then going back to my housing unit to relax and enjoy my spare time exploring.” – Portia

“Well hopefully it will be beautiful sunny weather and I have a work position as an outdoor golf attendant so I’ll be sun tanning and enjoying myself” – Stella

“A typical day from my imagination in my upcoming adventure may look like, in the office early hours of the day and exploring campus and hikes in the evening.” – Kayleigh

“A typical day will be waking up in Miami and going to work with different cultures. Also on an odd day see more of the US.” – Trinity

How did ITC prepare or support you for this?

Helped me get my visas, set up appointments and interviews with people from overseas as well as appointments just to make sure I was staying on track.” – Portia

“They helped me with the process of signing up and helping direct me in the right direction.” – Stella

“Not only did ITC introduce this opportunity to me they encouraged me.” – Kayleigh

“I learnt about different parts within the industry and how they all work together which is very important to understand in order to move up the ranks.” – Jack

“I learnt all appropriate things to help me advance in this industry.” – Trinity

What are you excited most about your journey from here?

“Being able to go overseas and experience something that not many others would get the opportunity to do.” – Portia

“I am most excited to see where my new adventure takes me.” – Stella

“Travelling and learning who I am.” – Kayleigh

“The opportunities from working overseas.” – Jack

“I’m most excited to start a life and do the things I am passionate about.” – Trinity

What advice do you have for others wanting to study tourism?

“I would say “Go for it!” because there are so many different areas in the tourism industry that are available and no matter what your interests are there will be something just for you.” – Portia

“When an opportunity presents itself try and go for it cause these chances come and go and you may not get another chance.” – Stella

“Do it, it’s a career of endless growth opportunities and fun!” – Kayleigh

“It’s a fun course that you learn a lot in, not just about tourism specifically but life in general. I learned so much in my time with ITC.” – Jack

“Keep focused and aim for the highest grades you can.” – Trinity

Could you be the next graduate to go on an international work exchange?

International experiences are a big part of the ITC experience. For students who dream of heading overseas to continue their travel and tourism education in a highly hands-on manner, this is the perfect way to learn, grow, and create connections with others that will last a lifetime.

And it all starts right here. Our level 3 courses are getting started on November 27, so you can enrol today and spend your summer earning a valuable qualification in travel and tourism. Once you’ve graduated, the world is your oyster – and we’ll be right here to help you discover it!

Contact us today to learn more or to find out how you can enrol now.

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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