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Love helping people? A career in travel & tourism could be your calling

Posted on 22/11/2016 by
In particular, airports are a great place to work if you love helping others.

In particular, airports are a great place to work if you love helping others.

If you love helping people, you probably desire a meaningful career. Perhaps you’ve considered becoming a counsellor, teacher, social worker or nurse? Or maybe you dream of one day working for a charity?

These are all fantastic career choices for compassionate individuals, but you might want to add another option to your list of altruistic careers: travel and tourism.

According to a recent survey by the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC), many respondents said the best thing about working in travel and tourism is helping others.

“I love helping people and interacting with them – knowing that I could help or assist someone with something makes me happy,” said one ITC graduate, Nadine Semuelu.

Another graduate, Rebekah Ochiai, said that she loves the “rewarding feeling of getting to help my clients dream holidays come true”.

In particular, airports are a fantastic place to work if you’re good in a crisis.

Rachael Gee shares this moving story from her time at Auckland International Airport:

“I loved helping children who were lost at the airport or young adults who felt overwhelmed from traveling and needed someone to give them the time of the day to talk,” Rachael said.

“I remember a young woman approached me in tears. I helped her to the best of my ability, and we’re still friends today. You finish the day smiling because you know you made a positive impact on that person’s journey.”

Rahul Bhopatkar has a similar story.

“I was working a flight from Melbourne to Perth and we had a guest who was a nervous flyer. She was panicking from the time she boarded the aircraft. Before the last cabin door was closed I made sure I had a chat with her and made her feel relaxed,” Rahul said.

“After takeoff I had another chat with her to see how she was doing. I even introduced her to the guests sitting next to her so she could talk to them. After we landed in Perth, when she was disembarking she gave me a hug and thanked me for making her feel relaxed and distracting her when we were going through some turbulence.”

Gestures like these can change people’s lives. Working in travel and tourism provides you with an opportunity to make someone’s day, every day! You get to help them achieve their dreams and explore the world. What could be more rewarding than that?

ITC is enrolling now for 2017! Our next open day is this Thursday 24 November. Visit our City or Botany Campus for a free tour around the College and to meet our friendly staff. We’d love to see you!

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2 Responses to “Love helping people? A career in travel & tourism could be your calling”

  1. Monica Sharma says:

    Amazing post. I happen to be a traveler because I like to communicate and help people so I travel on my vacations to different places, It is the best feeling to interact and hear stories from people also tell them yours.Great article this will really help many people to make a career in travel.Keep posting such kind of articles.

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