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JUCY and AJ Hackett inspire ITC Students

Posted on 17/11/2021 by

Leo Medina, a Sales Manager for AJ Hackett Bungy, recently gave a presentation to ITC students.

ITC is always seeking new ways to engage and inspire students, and recently, that has included presentations from two industry giants – JUCY and AJ Hackett.

We were happy to have Clare Frost from JUCY and Leo Medina from AJ Hackett Bungy NZ chat to students and staff about tourism, working in the industry, and much more. These chats were available for level 4 students who are completing their studies this year and were in their final week of study, making for a timely and welcome boost for those about to get started in the industry.

Here’s a little more about our speakers and the feedback we received following their presentations.

Clare Frost

Clare Frost is the Head of People & Culture at JUCY, a car and campervan rental company that launched in Auckland, New Zealand in the early 2000s and is now a major rental brand here and in Australia.

Clare was kind enough to do her presentation by video conference, where she shared her positivity for the tourism industry, talked about the inevitable comeback of New Zealand’s world-renowned tourism possibilities, and what that all means for students studying the industry right now.

Here’s what Clare had to say about her presentation:

“Whilst in-person is always better, being able to still present to a group of Tourism students online and provide a glimmer of hope and positivity that NZ Tourism will return and be great again was fantastic. Helping them highlight and breathe life into how their skills and education will allow them to stand out from the crowd was truly valuable. I’ve been very grateful for this opportunity!”

And as much as the students loved her chat, so did the tutors!

Takeyuki shared these thoughts:

“This is what we need for students as some of them are often demotivated by their family members or friends who are asking “Why are you studying tourism right now?”. We often remind them tourism is recovering and there are lots of jobs available at the moment – but the powerful voice of the people from the industry is much more convincing for sure!“

Leo Medina

Leo Medina is the Auckland Sales Manager for AJ Hackett Bungy, a household name in New Zealand and, famously, the very first bungy in the world. Leo spoke about how he started out in food and beverage – like so many ITC students do – before doing an exchange programme (another option for ITC students), and working his way up to where he is today.

He also spoke about AJ Hackett Bungy as a business, what they look for in employees, and how they work, which gave students a great insight into one of the country’s leading tourism providers.

Here’s what Leo had to share:

“The passion I have for what I do is what motivates me. Studying tourism helped me understand where I wanted to be, and put me in the path where I belong. Tourism is about to rise again, stronger than ever, and in need of passionate young professionals who will be the face of it.”

Ceri Jenkins had this to say about Leo’s presentation, and presentations from other speakers:

“Being able to offer students who were in their final week of our level 4 qualification an online careers week experience including guest speakers, had a greater impact than we realised on all involved. All students, staff, and in fact the speakers themselves felt incredibly positive and motivated after each speaking slot.”

Interested in an education that incorporates real-world speakers?

ITC is planning to continue these talks with industry professionals to provide students and graduates with further engagement with the local industry. Even though the presentations have only just begun, they are already causing a real buzz amongst staff and students, and everyone is excited to see who’s next.

If you’re interested in studying tourism and travel, now is a fantastic time to get started. Get in touch to learn more about the qualifications you can earn at ITC, and how they might get you the job of your dreams in the industry.

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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