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Meet the people behind the magic at ITC

At ITC, we’re big believers in lived experience.

When you visit ITC, you’ll notice something special about us. Here you’ll not only find a comfortable learning environment, but something more. You’ll find a spirit of warmth and friendliness, a positive attitude that is shared by everyone and a sense of achievement and professionalism between staff and students.

That’s why our tutors are just great tutors – they’re experts in travel and tourism. They have worked in the industry, travelled plenty, and know exactly what it takes to not just get into travel jobs, but to thrive in them as well.  Together, they have had more than 187 years of experience, and every one of them adds something special for our students.

187 years of experience brings ITC students more than just quality education. It brings a memorable experience for everyone they interact with, support, real life stories, and expertise. The team at ITC and Study From Home ‘go the extra mile’ every day regardless of lockdowns. This is why so many students continue their studies and recommend a friend.

Get to know our team. Click on the names below to find out more about our ITC whanau.

Management Team

Claire Huxley (Chief Executive)

Michelle Chatfield (City Campus Manager)

Andrew Houston (Botany Campus Manager)

Ceri Jenkins (Key Stakeholder Manager)

Irena Wysoczanski (Academic & Quality Manager)

Melissa Jenkins (Marketing Manager)

Schools Team

Melissa Jenkins (Marketing Manager)

Ceri Jenkins (Key Stakeholder Manager)

Laura Orsbourn (Tourism Education Tutor & Marketing Support)

Seane Gifford (Tourism Education Tutor & Marketing Support)

Esther Johnston (Schools Co-ordinator)

Recruitment Team

Michelle Chatfield (City Campus Manager)

Andrew Houston (Botany Campus Manager)

Kimi-Ora Follas (Botany Course Advisor)

Vanessa Barnett (City Course Advisor)

Employment Consultants

Sarndra Stephens (Employment Consultant)

Ceri Jenkins (Key Stakeholder Manager)

Academic Services

Irena Wysoczanski (Academic & Quality Manager)

Allison Jones (Academic Quality Co-ordinator

Tutorial Team

Takeyuki Morita (Botany Tourism Management Tutor)

Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (City Tourism Management Tutor)

Inder Singh (City Tourism Management Tutor)

John Armstrong (City Tutor)

Vi Tran (City Tutor)

Mike Matata (Whangarei Tutor)

Study From Home Tutorial Team

Lynelle Panton (Study From Home Tutor)

Toni Young (Study From Home Tutor)