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ITC’s Top 10 tips on how NOT get an interview

Posted on 09/09/2014 by
Have a great CV can make all the difference

ITC are happy to help all their students ensure their CV is the best!

ITC’s Marketing Director Claire shares her top tips for improving your interview game.

1. Covering letters! Who needs them? Just send your CV with nothing personal to show any thought or effort.

2. Address your application to “the Hiring Manager”, or “To Whom it may Concern”, even though they have put their name on the job ad.

3. Send a War-and-Peace-sized CV with every single subject you’ve done, even though it’s not related to the advertised job.

4. Don’t spell check your CV; just send it through mistakes and all.

5. List 52 bullet points about your skills, and be sure not to back them up with any evidence.

6. Get the title of the role you are applying for wrong.

7. Have an inappropriate email address like –

8. Don’t address the job criteria listed in the advertisement and why you can meet it.

9. Apply for a job, even though you will be overseas and not available for an interview.

10. Don’t check, double check and triple check your application!

Some of these might seem extreme and you might think you would never do these things, but actual people applying for actual jobs made all of these mistakes.

A well thought out and carefully prepared CV and covering letter that address the specific job criteria show respect not only for the job and the company you are applying to, but also for your own personal career development. Don’t let yourself down by making these mistakes! And don’t forget that at ITC we are here to support you and can help you with your CVs and applications. Talk to your tutor, campus manager or anyone at ITC for help and advice.

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