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ITC’s Schools Team a hit in high schools across New Zealand

Posted on 08/12/2020 by

The ITC Schools Team provides in-person training, online courses, and resources for high school students.

Here at the International Travel College, we love all things travel and tourism, and we love nothing more than sharing that passion with young Kiwis all over the country.

That’s why we provide a number of options for high Schools in New Zealand to introduce students to the travel and tourism industry, inspiring them to start exciting careers, and providing them with credits towards NCEA levels 2 and 3 in the process.

Our dedicated schools team has an excellent reputation in schools and the tourism industry. Our team is known for their energy, excellent communication, inspirational teaching methods and passion for providing a memorable experience.

Here’s a little more about our popular schools options, and some of the amazing feedback we have received in 2020.

ITC in High Schools Nationwide

ITC offers in-person training, online courses, and resources for high school students.

In-person courses take place at our campuses in Auckland and Whangarei and in community locations throughout New Zealand. Students from nearby schools can come along for one to four days to study one of our many level 2 and 3 courses. This offers a chance for students to get a taste for the industry, pick up additional credits for their NCEA, and meet others from outside of their own schools in a fun learning environment.

Our team takes the stress away from organising site visits and has created a number of specialised options to help schools get the very best experience of the tourism industry.

Our online courses are ideal for students and schools that are unable to attend in-person study. There are four courses available online, covering problem solving, employment skills, aviation, and careers, and each one can be completed at home or in a classroom setting.  These can be completed at any time on our Moodle platform, making them perfect for flexible learners.

ITC also offers four generic virtual units, which are not specific to the travel or tourism industry, and can be beneficial for students looking to enter any industry at all. These credits are all at level 3, and can all be completed through Word documents online. They are; a communication events unit, a communications unit, a teams and team leadership unit, and a marketing unit.

For the full list and explanation of each of our short course options for high schools, explore the information on our ITC in High Schools page.  

ITC’s Schools Team exceeding expectations in 2020

The year 2020 has been especially tough, but our goal to inspire students and provide quality education has remained steady throughout the year.

Early on, we made a promise to secondary schools to help students gain qualifications and credits that they could study at home. We put together courses and resources they could use during the lockdown, and we managed to deliver on our promises and step up to the challenge of supporting secondary schools throughout New Zealand.

“We love a challenge and our dedicated team are always there to help when we can,” explained Mel Jenkins, Schools Team manager.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from a variety of schools we’ve worked with this year:

  • “The short courses are a great learning experience for our students and they always want to go back for more! We love the online courses, so easy to administrate from a school perspective. The staff who give their time to support the students and the schools need to be commended for their efforts this year, especially the year we have had!” Ormiston Senior College 
  • “Students really enjoy your classes – I had 2 students this year do a variety of things with you and one is planning to go to ITC full time.” Mairehau High 
  • “We had a number of students take part on the flight attending They thoroughly enjoyed the course the tutor was fantastic.” Te Puke High 
  • “I use the short courses to give students a trial course in their chosen career field. Wonderful program. Students always enjoy them, as well as learn. Great to have them in the school holidays as well for those students who cannot afford too much time out of class.” Hornby High 
  • The Tourism i-study resources enable us to be able to offer a unit standard subject in tourism, which gives students the option of a less academic/no exams subject. The Gateway workbooks are excellent for being able to be used with more or less any workplace, enabling students to undertake a Gateway programme even when there aren’t any unit standards with an obvious connection to their field of interest. The fact that these are so well explained and that ITC are able to do the marking is an extra benefit.” (No details provided) 
  • “Keep doing what you’re doing … we would always welcome more offerings from ITC!” (no details provided) 
  • “The girls enjoy the variety of the courses provided. Some of our girls would never experience tourism courses if they had to pay themselves. It’s a good taster.” Kelston Girls College 
  • “Our students come back inspired and excited about a career in tourism. They find the courses engaging and the tutors interesting.” Hiwa-i-te-rangi, Northland College Teen Parent Unit
  • “The courses provide personal, employment and social skills in preparation for the workplace, especially designed for the tourism industry.” Avonside Girls’ High School 
  • “These I-Study resources are accessible to students from all sorts of backgrounds. I love the way our international students can work at their own pace.” Roncalli College 
  • “We like the Gateway resource because it can be contextualised to any rural work placement. We like the flexibility and the generic learning provided.” (No details provided) 
  • “We used the I-Study resources during the first lockdown and found them to be an excellent solution. We used the package where ITC marked. The tutor was fabulous and her communication with the students and us was excellent.” Rosehill College 
  • “Your service is wonderful, efficient and reliable. Exactly what we need.” St Mary’s College 
  • “Students love the face to face courses and the opportunity to get off site. It is great for them to access their skills in a more practical setting.” Kamo High 
  • “You provide great courses, our students love them and they come back to school buzzing with all the stuff they learnt and wanting to enrol with you full-time! I appreciate the ‘one-stop shop’ aspect of your courses – teaching, assessing, and marking all done by you and usually turned around a day or two after course finishes. Others send students back with books to finish or online stuff to complete and it drags on a bit.” St Dominic’s College
  • “The support provided during lock down and beyond was also great.” Epsom Girls Grammar

ITC is a preferred provider for schools around New Zealand. Our ability to keep students’ best interests at heart, provide online training, and support students and schools no matter what, is why so many high schools choose ITC when offering further options to their students.

If you think your school could benefit from any of the above options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions. 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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