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ITC’s first 2021 class off to a flying start – but it’s not too late to sign up!

Posted on 03/02/2021 by

ITC’s first class of the year is off to a flying start, but it’s still not too late to join in!

Cruises might not be running right now, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed the boat when it comes to enrolling with ITC!

Our first class of the year has just begun, but we’re currently still accepting enrolments. Here’s a little more about the class itself and catching up if you’d like to join in!

What the class has been doing so far

The first week of classes is an induction week, where students have a chance to get to know one another with various fun team-building activities. This helps to improve their confidence and feel more comfortable around each other and our tutors.

We also give a guided tour of the campus and introduce students to more of the ITC staff along the way. This ensures students know their way around and know more about the roles and industry experiences of our team, which can be especially useful if the students have specific questions for different staff members.

By the end of the week, students are comfortable with one another and their surroundings, and are in good stead to begin their studies in earnest with us at ITC.

How did that first week go?

Tutor Allison Jones was fortunate enough to kick off the week with the new group of students at ITC, and was quick to call them “an amazing group of students”.

“They light up the room with big smiles and laughter every morning, and bring so much positive energy to the room. They are the perfect reminder that the future will always be bright when you stay optimistic, focused, and take on every new opportunity with confidence and realise that it could be the start of something AMAZING!” she said.

As for the students, we thought we’d ask them how their first week went. Here are just a handful of the comments we received!

“I really enjoyed meeting our teacher Allison and the rest of our 2021 class. I love the little warm-up games we play in the morning before we begin anything. Everyone is so nice and always welcoming and happy. Can’t wait to see what is to come.” – Shaye Itama

“Our teacher Allison seemed engaged in every student’s learning and getting to know her students. The learning was good how she helped break down the different lessons to help us understand the lesson. Also being put in different groups helped me to get to know the students in the class.” – Apii Tavioni

“Everything I’ve learned about ITC is amazing. Our tutor is amazing and the students are lovely. I am really happy to spend the rest of the year studying with these people in such an awesome environment.” – anonymous

“My experience during the first week of school was really interesting as I didn’t expect to be so open and comfortable in my class in the first week. Everyone was very inviting and open. It enabled any of our confusions to go away as they successfully described what we were doing, how we will be doing things, and where we can go if ever in need.” – anonymous

“I enjoyed my first week here at ITC. What I liked the most was Allison, Daniel and Michelle’s introduction about their experiences they’ve had in the tourism industry. Their brief backstory gave me hope that one day I can be where they were, travelling around the world. I found that inspiring.” – Francessca Wong-Tung  

What’s happening in the next few weeks

The next few weeks of classes will focus on communication skills. During this time, the students will engage in travel industry role plays, more team building activities, and they will learn about the importance of effective communication skills.

Even though we’re already more than a week into the course, it’s far from too late to join in. Our tutors would be happy to catch you up on the key points that you’ve missed, and give you a tour of the campus and an introduction to the other students so you don’t feel left out or behind.

That said, the sooner you enrol the easier it will be, and the more fun you’ll have getting to know everyone, so get in touch today to get started!

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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