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ITC’s Botany Students Take to the Lanes

Posted on 19/06/2014 by
ITC Students from the Botany campus bowling us over with their outfits!

ITC Students from the Botany campus bowling us over with their outfits!

To study travel and tourism you have to have a fun and adventurous side and our students never fail to show this off at our college events.

Last week ITC’s Botany students went 10-pin bowling at Xtreme Botany. Each team came up with a name and a theme, and in true ITC style, got dressed up to the nines. Prizes were given for a variety of achievements – some of which even involved bowling!

The students say there was plenty of laughter and the competition got pretty fierce.

“For most of us it was a challenging experience, as we weren’t so good at playing, but we still made the effort,” said one team, showing that great ITC attitude.

The students said they had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know students from other classes.

“We were there to support each other as well as have an amazing time away from our college assessments and projects. It was an energising break that gave us the motivation to come back to class on Monday and get back into achieving our qualifications!”

For the record, prizes are listed below.
Best Team Costume $80 pizza voucher CTT02B
Best Themed Team $80 pizza voucher 80’s Super Sapphires L5
Runner up Chocolates Fairies CTT04
Winning Team $80 pizza voucher The Gigglers CTT05
2nd place Team Chocolates Shot Guns CAV04
Top Individual Score 2 movie tickets Amelia CTT02a
2nd place individual 1 movie ticket Jamie CTT05
Best Non bowling performance 1 movie ticket each Adrua & Pele

100% Class Participation Chocolates CITT11

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