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ITC to remain Fees Free in 2024!

Posted on 16/01/2024 by

Even with planned changes to the Fees Free Program, ITC is remaining Fees Free in 2024!

The Fees Free program offers a huge leg up for first time learners in New Zealand, but it is set to change as the government has decided to adapt the policy. Don’t panic, ITC still offers Fees Free to their learners!

Until now, the program has helped students to pay for the first year of their studies. With the new policy, Fees Free will cover the final year of a student’s qualifications, which often means the third year for university students undertaking a standard bachelor’s degree.

This has made some people nervous that potential students might be put off from starting a qualification, but the good news for ITC students is that it largely won’t change anything!

What does it mean for ITC students?

At ITC and Study From Home, the vast majority of our qualifications only take six months to a year. So when you study with us, it’s likely that your qualification won’t just be your first year – it will also be your final year of study.

As a result, the Fees Free program will still cover most or all of your course costs!

We are already so proud to offer valuable qualifications to students in less than a year, as it means they can quickly learn the basics of the travel and tourism industry, then get out an land a great role without needing to spend several years in the classroom first.

Now, we’re so excited to be able to say that students will still be able to greatly benefit from the Fees Free program, and put their important studies first rather than being overly worried about student loans and debt.

What makes us really stand out is that our incredible team is well known for the most friendly and helpful support with any student application or study journey. We help students with the application process for the Fees Free program. This is meant to make the transition into tertiary study as easy as possible for new students, and to help them feel comfortable and welcome in our ITC whanau.

Learn more about the Fees Free program

We have all the information you need to know about the Fees Free program on our website.

To check if you are eligible, you will need your National Student Number (NSN). Basically, you should be eligible if you’ve never before undertaken a tertiary qualification (any kind of study after high school).

Our team is happy to help with any part of this process, from tracking down your National Student Number to talking you through the application.

Contact us today to learn more, to get help with applying, or to enrol with ITC and become part of the family!

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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