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ITC teams up with Education Industry Solutions to help Gateway students and high schools across New Zealand

Posted on 11/03/2021 by

ITC has been working with Education Industry Solutions to offer support for students in gateway programmes around New Zealand.

The International Travel College (ITC) is most well-known for our level 3, 4, and 5 courses that offer qualifications in the tourism, travel, and aviation industries. However, our dedication to education, students, and the industry goes far beyond tertiary qualifications.

In fact, ITC has been working closely with Education Industry Solutions (EIS), a local group that facilitates gateway programmes for high schools all over New Zealand.

Here’s a little more on what EIS does, how we’ve been involved to help schools and students, and how ITC’s contributions have made a big difference for the team at EIS.

What is Education Industry Solutions?  

Education Industry Solutions is a New Zealand group founded in 2015 by Gary Reid. It connects schools and students with industry businesses in order to place students into valuable work experience situations.

They offer complete Gateway packages for gateway schools and coordinators, ensuring interested students can step into roles that offer relevant industry experience, and a chance to earn NCEA credits towards their high school education.

From hospitality to travel, broadcasting to journalism, the programmes vary in industry and location, assisting schools and students across the country.

A large number of students that take part in EIS Gateway Programmes end up in full- or part- time employment, or apprenticeships.

How has ITC’s partnership with EIS benefitted students and schools?

ITC became involved with EIS in order to further assist students and high schools. We know that it can be challenging for school Gateway Coordinators to not only find placements for their students, but to help those students work through the experience and ensure they come out with valuable knowledge and tools that will prepare them for further study or the workforce.

In order to help students get the most out of their placement experiences, ITC has created a range of generic workbooks suited to a variety of industries. During their placements, students must make their way through these workbooks, completing the tasks and questions in each one. At the end of the placement, their placement supervisor must sign off on the work to confirm that the student has successfully completed their experience.

Completion of a workbook earns each student a number of NCEA credits.

Additionally, ITC offers a full range of support for students on placements. We are on hand by phone, email or via social media to answer any questions about the workbook, or to talk them through anything they may find challenging. We also have a Facebook group dedicated to creating a support network for these students.

How has ITC helped Education Industry Solutions?

Our involvement with Education Industry Solutions has added additional support and legitimacy to their work.

“E.I.S is dedicated to ensuring that schools, industry and training providers all benefit from our programmes and being a part of our programmes. This is the reason that we have decided to partner with I.T.C who provide the NZQA qualifications, and are involved in a number of our industry Gateway Programmes that we currently offer to schools throughout the North and South Island,” explained Gary Reid, founder of EIS.

It has given many students the structure and focused learning they need to take away extra value and quantifiable NCEA credits from their experiences, ensuring that EIS’ work is backed by a trusted industry education provider.

Our workbooks have been used by students on placements in:

  • Air NZ Ramp Services Queenstown
  • Air NZ Ramp Services Auckland & Gisborne
  • Air NZ Front of House Auckland & Gisborne
  • Sky City Gateway in Kitchens Auckland & Hamilton
  • Cordis Hotel Gateway in Kitchens, Housekeeping & Food & Beverage
  • Park Hyatt Gateway in Kitchens & Front of House Gateway programmes

By providing relevant workbooks and full support for students, ITC ensures that EIS’ work isn’t just a convenient connection between industry providers and high schools, but a highly beneficial experience that offers NCEA credits and valuable education for the students as well.

If you’d like to learn more about ITC’s connections and work within the industry, both in education and tourism, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

ITC Schools Coordinator – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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