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ITC students accepted into Disney World Cultural Exchange Program

Thursday 9 April 2015

ITC student Taryn Brown is one of eight successful students accepted into the Disney World Cultural Exchange Program's August 2015 intake

ITC student Taryn Brown is one of eight successful students accepted into the Disney World Cultural Exchange Program

When Taryn Brown started studying at the International Travel College (ITC), she had one dream in mind: to participate in the Disney World Cultural Exchange Program.

Now, after months of hard work and determination, Taryn is one of eight excited ITC students who will be starting work at Disney World in August.

It was confirmed yesterday (April 8) that all eight ITC students who applied for the Disney World Cultural Exchange Program August 2015 intake have been accepted.

The program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. ITC supports the students throughout the application process each year.

For Taryn and the other successful students, working at Disney is a dream come true.

“When I first heard about the Disney program during my interview at ITC, I knew that this is what I wanted to do,” says Taryn.

“I set a goal for myself and started to work towards my dream – I aimed everything towards Disney.”

In order to be eligible for the Disney World Cultural Exchange Program, students are required to have completed at least one year of study and also be motivated, driven individuals.

ITC will only support applications from students who are committed to completing their studies and show a real dedication to pursuing a career in travel and tourism.

“The students have to display great attitudes, attendance and academic success to be considered for this opportunity of a lifetime,” says Natasha Allen, ITC South Auckland Campus Manager.

“We have developed a strong relationship with the Disney recruiters and will only put forward students who will be excellent ambassadors for ITC and New Zealand in the global arena.”

Taryn is grateful for ITC’s support throughout the application process. She says deciding to study travel and tourism was a real turning point in her life.

“Leaving school in Year 12, I struggled a lot with learning and confidence. ITC has made me fall in love and find a passion for travel. ITC has taught me to believe in myself and given me confidence to do anything,” says Taryn.

Natasha is incredibly proud of the eight successful students. They are an excellent example of what can be achieved through hard work.

“I am so proud of each of these students. They have put a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication towards their studies and they will certainly reap the rewards,” says Natasha.