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ITC student Lisa Kaihau lands her dream job

August 2012

ITC student Lisi Kaihau who has been studying on the ITC Certificate of Aviation course, has just been accepted to her dream job as a flight attendant for Emirates.

Our Botany Campus Manager, Natasha Allen, who was formerly a senior flight stewardess for Emirates, and tutor Ashley Mailei who flew for Polynesian Airlines have both given Lisi plenty of encouragement and support.

“We are all very proud of her,” says Natasha, “not to mention a wee bit envious of the lifestyle she is about to embark on!”

Natasha talked to Lisi about her interview experience with Emirates.

Natasha: Congratulations, Lisi – what an achievement!

Lisi: I feel very excited and can’t believe that it is happening to me – it’s a dream come true.

Natasha: What was the interview process like?

Lisi: I actually really enjoyed the whole interview process, although it was quite intense! It was in three stages. The first stage was the Open Day, which was quite daunting – over 200 people turned up! We all handed in our CVs and they took our measurements and height.

I think that the first impressions we created at this stage were incredibly important because we were notified that night or the next day if we were successful.

Natasha: What was the next stage of the process?

Lisi: The next stage was Group Assessment Day. There were two groups of 25 and the day was spent doing role plays and team games. For example, we broke into groups of five and had to collectively agree on five items that we would take with us if we were stranded.

Our role play was a lot of fun – my group had to pretend that we were on a flight where a passenger fell in love with a flight attendant!

At the end of the day we were given a piece of paper that said whether we had been successful or not. When I was given the piece of paper my nerves were at their highest and I really expected it to be a rejection. When I opened the piece of paper and it said “Congratulations” I had to read it a few times to really believe it! Only 12 candidates were selected from our original group of 25.

Natasha: What was the third stage?

Lisi: That was the one-on-one interview. It was one hour of answering questions about customer service, my experience and how I would deal with complaints – it was very challenging.

Natasha: How did you feel you went in the interview?

Lisi: I actually felt quite positive that I had performed well, but then you really just don’t know. They said we would receive a phone call in a couple of months – and when I did I really couldn’t believe the news – I had got it!

Natasha: What advice would you give other students who want to get into the travel and tourism industry?

Lisi: This whole experience has really shown me that what the tutors say to us at ITC is true – they push and encourage students to go for their dreams and never give up. My training at ITC has definitely helped me with my confidence and knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and thanks to them and my hard work it has all paid off, and in August I will be flying to Dubai to embark on an exciting career as flight attendant for Emirates!

Congratulations to Lisi from everyone at ITC!