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ITC Schools Team launches our first ever Achievement Standard

Posted on 09/08/2023 by

Our first ever Achievement Standard provides a strong foundation in marketing basics.

ITC’s Schools Team is excited to share their very first Achievement Standard, which has recently been approved by NZQA.

This Achievement Standard is focused on marketing, which is an integral part of travel and tourism and a large career possibility for students who might enter into Destination Marketing in the future. That said, students who complete this Achievement Standard will come away with a great foundation in marketing principles that can be applied to any industry.

ITC has been working hard to create this new resource, which will be available in high schools across New Zealand as a Short Course.  

Why an Achievement Standard in marketing? 

Earlier this year we learned about the discontinuation of unit 2925, a marketing unit that allowed students to explore the marketing side of our tourism industry. At the time, many schools purchased unit 2925 as an independent resource and also sent secondary students on a Marketing & Communications Short Course. 

That’s why we felt we could fill this gap in the market as unit 2925 was phased out, and help to ensure students would be aware of the opportunities available when working in marketing for tourism.

Plus, the Schools Team has an outstanding reputation in high schools nationwide. They work hard to ensure we deliver the best quality education always. They very quickly worked to consult with schools and continue the search for the most suitable replacement.

ITC’s Academic Quality Manager Irena extensively searched for something that would really help our senior students get the most out of their time and experience with us, and this is when we discovered a fantastic achievement standard worth 6 credits at level 3.

“ITC is a valued educational partner for our college and has been for over 10 years. I have used their Marketing Unit Standard with our year 13 gateway students to support their work placements,” said Charlotte Murray, Year 13 Dean & Future Pathways/Social Sciences.

 “ITC are professional, responsive, and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending that they create a new achievement standard to replace the marketing unit,” she added.

Destination Marketing as a career

“Ever wondered how your favourite products have found their way to you? Ever wondered why your favourite product was discontinued?” asks AQM Irena.

The leader of the Schools Team, Mel Jenkins & AQM, Irena, have produced a fantastic assessment for students. Mel is currently working hard on creating the resource so this can be an option for seniors in Term 4 2023.

In this Achievement Standard, students develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product. This typically involves setting marketing aims, explaining the market situation, creating a marketing strategy and writing a marketing plan.

“It’s not just something you should consider if you’re interested in a Marketing or Sales work role… the insights will take you through any career path!” says Irena.

“This is a course that will give you the opportunity to research and create a marketing project that will stretch your current knowledge and skills  It will show you how to develop a plan that can be followed in an actual life or career situation – a great example of ‘real world’ learning to support you in your future goals,” explains AQM Irena. 

Social media plays a huge role in destination marketing.

ITC qualifications and courses

ITC has a proven track record in the tertiary sector, the secondary sector, and also within industry, providing relevant and meaningful training and assessments in classroom-based learning, online learning, and also independent workbooks.

“We are looking forward to continuing working with ITC, and being able to replace 2925 with a new achievement standard that can be aligned to all our Gateway Programmes,” said Gary, Director of Education Industry Solutions.

Are you interested to learn more about this fantastic new option from the ITC Schools Team?

Do not hesitate to visit our dedicated Schools page for more options for secondary students Nationwide or contact us directly at

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